The cost of emergeny care for dogs

toomuchglassApril 12, 2010

My son took in an unwanted dog last year - a 2 year old Sheltie & Border collie mix.( He's still a puppy , but when this little guy gets older , he'll probably be smarter than some kids ! ) LOL Anyway .... " Bullit " is normally a hyper dog ... loves to play and run ... typical border collie . Suddenly he got lethargic ... couldn't seem to keep his balance ... didn't eat .

It was a Sunday , my son loves his dog & paniced - then took him to the Emergency vet . They took him in ..... did a boat load of tests - ended up giving him an IV ... charged $850 ...and couldn't find anything wrong. WOW

On one hand , We are all so happy to see that Bullit is fine & he got the best of care incase he was really sick ........ but on the other hand - I can't believe the cost. ( this was for just an overnight stay ) .....

What do you think of this ?

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I'm glad I live in Podunk. If my dog needs care in the middle of the night, my vet will get out of bed, drive in to the office and do what needs to be done. I'll be charged the regular fee, plus a $125 surcharge and given an apology because the bill is high. Which I also give an apology for getting them out of bed. I love my vets.

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i hope bullit is ok!

i had to take my senior dane to the e.r. vet in the middle of the night a few months was a "near bloat" thing. she stayed overnight, i.v. fluids, diagnostic x-rays, etc. it ended up being just over $800. i was happy to pay it since i know she got excellent care and came through it fine.

my regular vet no longer does ANY emergency work. i am seriously thinking about changing vets, for that reason.

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Unfortunately, I think that is what emergency clinics charge. Fortunately, I haven't had to go to one in years, but they are the only place I could take a seriously ailing pet in the middle of the night, or on a weekend when my regular vet is closed.

We pay the price for them being open all hours and having all the specialized equipment necessary to run numerous tests on seriously ill pets.

I'm glad the dog is OK.

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I'm glad bullit is OK.

I brought my cat to the emergency hospital on Christmas Eve. She had been throwing up bile which intensied through the previous night. She was admitted and they gave her fluids and did tests, I actually stopped them from opening her up to confirm whether it was intestinal lymphosarcoma or IBD. We checked out of the hospital on 12/26, $2,400.00 later without a diagnoses and she hasn't thrown up since. So Merry Christmas to me and I didn't need that new livingroom set anyway.

FYI, the hospital had me open a Chase credit card for animal care, which was 1 year interest free. They recently changed it to 3 months of no interest. There was no question that I wouldn't pay for her but some of my friends think I'm wacko spending so much for a cat.

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Yes, Emergency Vets are very expensive. We have been through this as well. In Toronto at our "best" Emergency -the one where many specialists are located, emergency surgery will only be done with a 24 hour work-up - which sometimes your pet won't have. So they call Guelph University's Small Animal Clinic and a specialist will meed you there in the middle of the night - a 3 hour drive for us with a paralyzing dog - a nightmare - but a great neuro. You absolutely have to have a referral to do this. We had to pay 50% of estimated cost upfront before the admitting doctor would even look at him - neuro was on his way in - in cash or equivalent. Wonderful clinic at Guelph - of course I hope never to see the place again. Emergency surgery at Guelph costs as much, if not more, than surgery by a Toronto specialist. "Regular" surgery can cost less. My own vet had to hit the road at midnight with her dog because the 24 hour rule applied to her as well - which came as a shock to her. Emergency back surgery for a Dachshund runs about $8,000 Cdn. at the moment for those who might have wondered. And of course many breeds are starting to require back surgery in alarming numbers - our neuro's 2 dogs also - we were all sleeping on the floor on mattresses.

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Bummer about the cost. But now you have a base line blood work up done for future reference, that is good, next, check the dogs ears periodically and clean them out....could have been dirty ears which can take a dog out of play mode quickly if they get infected

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