House fire

bean_counter_z4October 12, 2007

Near my farm.

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Wow, that's so sad and scary looking. Poor family.

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holy poop! i hope no one was hurt...that poor family, any word how it started?

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It is terribly sad. The family worked for over a year to build their dream home (father is a contractor). They moved in 2 weeks ago.

No one was home except a dog. A neighbor ran to the house to see if anyone was home and needed help. When he pounded on the door a dog barked, so be broke in and got the dog out.

If this house would have been in the city limits, they probably would have saved it. The firemen said the fire wasn't too serious when they arrived. Suddenly it flared up and quickly got out of control. 12 volunteer fire departments responded, they made a steady line of tankers up the road and back refilling with water.

Fire investigators will go thru the soggy mess today and determine what caused it.

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Good shots...sad ending! It looks like this is, or was a huge house!

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Absolutely heartbreaking....

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Wow...that's so sad and scary...We've had two neighbors near us whose place had caught on fire...Makes us feel maybe it could happen to us...Not to mention our landlord had his place also near us...burn down too, that happened before we lived here!


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What a shame. Your pics really who how it got engulfed, I can't imagine trying to fight it.

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They only lived in it for two weeks? How awful!

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