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sydneydavisOctober 3, 2007

Hello all....it has been many many moons since I have sat down and visited with you all. I have been taking lots of photos though. Quite a long time ago I asked about photo selling sites and someone gave me two links. I copied/printed off a page of info on contracts if I take pic's of people and saved the pages but a about 6 weeks ago I decided to do some cleaning up on my computer and have found out I deleted way too many things! OOPS! My dear Jerry will say 'now why did you do that?'...but that is another story! LOL....anyway would you be so kind to give me the link again if you still have them? Also..I got a little overwhelmed while reading all the choices. Have you found any pro's or con's to a one time sell or the small sell for every use? That is probably not phrased the way it should be but if you sell photos I'm sure you know what I mean...

Any other tips would be great also....Oh one other question. I have a canon powershot A85. It takes nice pic's. My goal/dream is a nikon d80 but too many medical bills have gotten in my way so have not made it there yet..anyway does that make a big difference? I have read mixed reviews on that but wanted other opinions..

Thanks again

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Hi Sydney...I remember that post and found it...


Big Stock Photo

I love the idea of having a dslr and will get one...but I think a lot has to do with the photographer and the way he makes use of the camera...I've seen many great photos that are taken with P&S...I think with the higher end camera maybe you might not have to work as hard at it...I guess for me...meaning less post processing...This is just mho...


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Thank you. You did a better job of searching than I did. I tried searching before I posted.
Thanks again!

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Your welcomed-Sy!

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BTW I forgot to thank you for the tip on the camera. I have decided to get the Nik D80 I was going to get the 40 but agree this is the better buy for me. I did post a question on online buying. Have you had any experience? I went to Nikon and they suggested BestBuy and a few other Stores. One some of the photo mags I get there are some very good kit deals and that is one of the suggestions to buy because one can usually-?- get the best deal with. I ahve one pick out, right now I can't remember the website or store listed but Popular Photography has a big page listing this place along with several others as safe. If not we are to contact Pop Photo..so time will tell..
Thanks again!

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Here you will find all details about how and where to sell photos on internet or in your town !


Best Regards!

Here is a link that might be useful: www.how-to-sell-photos-online.com

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