Has anyone ever resurfaced a nightstand with granite?

blondepegasusMarch 5, 2010

I bought 2 black satin finished wooden nightstands a couple of years ago. They weren't cheap (around $250.00 each) but haven't held up very well. They are structurally sound and are still the perfect size with the right number of drawers and I still love them, but my husband uses a C-Pap machine and it has sort of melted a bit of the top finish on his stand even thought I have the C-Pap sitting on a large coaster. The tops show every little mark and bit of dust.

I am thinking about topping them with granite remnants. Have any of you ever done this before? I would need 2 matching remnants around 2x3 feet in size. Are there places out there that will cut remnants to size and edge them? How do I affix the granite to the nightstand? I live in a small town with no granite places nearby so would either have to travel or order online to acquire the granite. Or would I just be better off financially speaking to buy new nightstands with a more durable finish next time?

Any pics of granite topped nightstands out there?

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If you like the look of granite then go for it. But to save moola, consider just having a plastic laminate put on. The same guys who put in plastic laminate kitchen counters can do the tops. Check out the designs, solids, and textures of Formica and Wilson Art and others, to see if they appeal to you.

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Thanks for the suggestion Dilly Dally. I think I need to go with something durable (such as granite) because of my husband's C-Pap machine that apparently gets hot enough on the underside to melt the table top). I was thinking to save money by going with remnants. Shouldn't they be fairly affordable?

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I've never bought granite, but a couple of thoughts:
- I'd imagine sink cutouts left over from kitchen countertop installations might be a good size
- a friend who did install granite counters in her kitchen wanted a relatively small (@6" x 4') section to cover a little shelf, and the price was *insane*. She ended up not doing it. Apparently the cutting and buffing are a large part of the expense. You might look into marble in case that's any cheaper than granite.

An easier fix might be to do tiles on top of your nightstand. You can even get granite tiles. If the tiles don't have finished edge pieces you could always miter cut some molding strips and add them around the perimeter.

If the finish on the top wasn't already marred, I might suggest you get glass pieces cut to size by a glass/mirror shop.

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Yes. I have a neighbor who did all of her kitchen counters in remnants. Being an older small kitchen none of the runs were more than 3'. She told me the pricing and really got a good deal on the granite and installed it herself. It was easy to do since all the pieces were short. The place where she bought the granite, cut them, and even notched one, and beveled the edges where needed.

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What about glass tops? If you didnt like how the tops of the tables appear you could back paint the glass top on the underside.

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My bedroom set is 42 years old and the tops of the night tables were looking pretty ratty. I had 2 tops cut out of granite remnants - one of the giallo ornamentals - and it looks fabulous. I traced the shape of the top onto paper and brought it into the granite place, selected my granite from rather large remnants, and the granite shop cut them and edged them to my specs. It cost me about $350 US 2 years ago. Because they weren't huge pieces (about 24 inches x 24 inches, but with a shaped front) I was able to pick them up and 'install' them myself. My set looks good enough to last for another 42 years!


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