Kids making my brew...

zitro_joeOctober 22, 2009

My coffee pusher called and told me he had recieved some Sumatra Jasi Bumi (so good). He knows I love this stuff I usually get first dibs before other customers on the new stuff - we are tight like that. I usually home roast but the kids love to watch the big roaster at the shop. They asked to help and how can I say no.

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I hear you, joe. I was never much of a coffee drinker; and then my son moved home from college. He brought his whole beans, grinder, and french press coffee maker. I'm hooked.


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French Press is the best way to make a cup of coffee! Have you seen/ heard of the Aeropress. It is a great thing, you can get results very similiar to a espresso machine. Froth some milk and it is "on".

Have you ever roasted, along with photography it is a hobby for me.

I started my coffee education here:
then I by chance I met a professional coffee taster and he has taught me some skills some tricks to the trade.


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I loved having kiddos that age around, Joe. But... I sure didn't need any extra caffeine during that time. haha.

Now days I really enjoy a quiet cup of coffee. I know its sacrilege, but, I enjoy my Cuissinart bur grinder, some good beans and a good drip coffee maker to the french press I tried.

I'm too lazy to try the roasting process. ;)

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No, I've never roasted my own. Like rc, I'm to lazy to roast them, too. A quiet cup of coffee in the morning with my Sudoku is the ultimate in relaxation these days.
Kiddos that age are a bunch of fun. Their needs are pretty simple yet. I had 5 of them in 12 years, but, the youngest is a junior in high school now. Who knew that teaching them to drive would make most of my hair fall out? Being a grandparent is where it's at; all the fun with none of the responsibilites. Enjoy them, joe, before you know it your daughter will be asking for your car keys so she can go pick up her boyfriend.


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Great post Ron. All too accurate. This one's especially true, even if you don't lose any hair:

"Who knew that teaching them to drive would make most of my hair fall out?"

My kids all preferred my instruction over the mom's, less screaming. But, they'll never appreciate until they have children the amount of mental control it took to quell the natural shriek reflex.

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"quell the natural shriek reflex" Good one rc!
We had this Honda Civic when my daughter was learning to drive. (She was the first)(the other 4 are boys) On the passengers side there was a bare spot from me pushing on the brake pedal I wish I had over there. She's 28 now and it still scares me to ride with her! Such a lead foot.


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