counterfeit flea medication?

honugirlhawaiiApril 27, 2010


I searched online for a good deal on Advantage for Cats (less than 9 pounds) and found a company that sells it for $29.00. I received it in the mail today, two weeks after I placed the order. It looks like it was shipped from Canada. Anyway, the Advantage I buy is always in an orange box. This box is green and white and it says its flea prevention and treatment for cats and dogs less than 4 kg.

Does anyone know if the packaging in Canada is different from the U.S.? I'm hoping I have the real thing!

Mahalo in advance.

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Call the company that makes it.

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A kg is 2.2 lbs

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Aloha Sista. No hit point panic. Check with the company. It sounds too inexpensive tho, best stick with the real stuff eh.
I use Advantage - half dose because I can recap, save lots.
If you live Mauka you get plenty fleas!!!
Ahui ho.

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I love how people on this site are always willing to help! Ahh, the Aloha spirit!
I did research and discovered that the green box I received is from Australia. Whew, although it turned out I bought the real thing, I won't be doing that kind of shopping again. (Too late, Mazer, I already hit point panic!)

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Bummer...Good to know tho!! Shakka.

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I found some sites with the cheapest flea/tick preventives like advantage, frontline plus, comfortis, advantix, heartgard plus, etc. These are the real products, no counterfeits.

You may have ordered a product with older packaging.

Canada and Australia are safe places to order medicines for both pets and people and prices are usually cheaper there. Canadian doctors are as good or better than American doctors.

I found websites at DogSTARspace that orders directly from the manufacturers, and the website sell it for less then anywhere I have found. With shipping around $3-$4 and takes about 10-14 days to ship. But worth it for the cheapest pricing.

Several sites that have the real thing, not counterfeit at I found it on the Forums under Minor Health Issues and Prevention Tips. Way too many articles to copy them all here for you.

Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: DogSTARspace

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