throws up white foam, gags, hiccups and snores

puggelsApril 15, 2008

I have a 15 week old puppy that I got when she was 6 weeks old. She has all her shots up to date. I have been having lots of problems with her. First off I noticed that she kind of gags with a cough and I thought she had something caught in her throat and took her to the vet he said she looks fine that it could just be she is learning to eat. Then I started to notice that she was loosing hair in patches that looked like she was being bitten by fleas. I took her to the vet and she is being treated for mange. They are doing Mitaban dips. I have one more dip left to do. I notice that she still gags and has hiccups all the time and snores really loud. I took her in and he said it sounds like she has allergies. I accepted this then I noticed 2 days ago she started gaging and threw white foam up and today she was eating and threw her food up with a little foam. Could she have reflux or is this just normal like the vet says. I feel sorry for her and I would like to find out what I can do to help her get rid of this. She is part of my family now and The vet said she should out grow it what do you guys think? Is the gagging and white foam, hiccups and snoring all about being a pup or is there something more serious to this. She is very happy and playful. She drinks and eats. Am I reading more into this than I should?

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Thank you for being such a good doggy parent. Nice work. Here is the thing, your may gag or choke after it eats or drinks. My dog is 10 and has been doing this is entire life. Some people say it may be his trachea needs repair, but they are not great in being a successful surgery. Here throwing up sounds like either she is eating too fast, you can slow her down by feeding her half a cup at a time. I dont know what type of breed your dog is, and if it is a deep checsted dog you need to especially careful about overfeeding and too much running around afterwards. I suggest going to a feed every 4 hours or so, this might help with her throwing up. Dogs often build up bile which irritates their stomachs after awhile, then they throw up or eat grass. Frequent feeding will help reduce this problem. As for food, I suggest you buy a premium dog food. It may cost more and you wont be able to get it from the grocery store, but your dog will eat less, poop less, and be healtheir in the long run for it all. I recommend Natural Balance dog food. Otherwise you can stop worrying, your pup sounds like it is doing okay.

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Am I reading more into this than I should?

IMO no. The vommiting may be do to the treatment for the mange. It is one of the side effects.
The hiccups by themselves wouldn't overly concern me but added to the coughing and gagging makes me wonder about any metabolic disturbances and or worms, possible problems in the esophagus and or diaphram is another thought.
So has the dog had any bloodwork, stool testing for worms, and or any x-rays?
Allergies could explain the coughing and gagging ( food or enviroment) but I don't think it would effect hiccups but I could be wrong about that.
Seems like your vet isn't overly concerned about the symptoms wich is somewhat suprising to me, but than again I'm not a vet.

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What kind of dog is she? Some brachycephalic breeds can have congenital problems that predispose them to snoring, dysphagia, and other reasons to cough and gag. OTOH, she could just be eating too fast and regurgitating. If she is regurgitating then I'd be worried about megaesophagus, which can be due to congenital abnormalities. Megaesophagus can predispose dogs to aspiration pneumonia due to the regurgitation, so if she has a congenital abnormality that is making her regurgitate, I would try to see if it can be surgically corrected. But again it may be that she eats too fast. The snoring is probably due to an elongated soft palate, which made me think that she was brachycephalic (smushy-faced).

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Because of your screen name I thought you might have a Puggle so thought I would tell you my experience. I have a smushy-faced Puggle, she snores like crazy & gets the hiccups occasionally. She tends to eat to fast some times & then she will throw up, there will usually be food that hasn't even been chewed up yet. She seems to be getting better about chewing her food up. I started feeding her Natural Balance Potato & Duck, trying to make sure she isnÂt allergic to any food I am feeding her & so far, she is doing Great on it. Good luck with your baby, share a picture or two if you get a chance. Terri

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My Baby is a Boxer Retreiver. The Mommy is a Boxer and the Daddy is a Golden Retreiver. She is pretty big for her age. I feed her Purina One Puppy Food. She still throws it up I think I will try another brand. I kept with this one because that is what they were feeding her when i got her. I noticed that she does not have many teeth so instead of chewing her food she laps it up and swallows it like she is drinking water. This could be a reason also. She still throws up her food but from reading all of your comments I will switch puppy foods to see if that helps. Thank You so much for all of your advice. I appreciate it very much.

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When my dog was a puppy & didn't chew up her food very good, I dampened the dry food with a little water & she seemed to do good with that. If there was any food left after she ate, she wouldn't really want to eat the rest of it later so I just gave her small amounts at a time. Good luck, Terri

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