how to tell if a stray cat is pregnant or had kittens

emhorsechicApril 15, 2013

Hello. I live on a small farm with a few barns. We have a few cats that live there, all fixed except one male who is feral, althought we have some unfixed cats from neighboring farms who come and vistit often. We found a new stray that is extremely friendly, who has been living here for a few months. It is a female, probably about 3-5 years old. I know nothing about her except that she is an affectionate female tortiseshell. I'm not sure if she's pregnant or has had kittens. She got fat, and has continued to get fatter. Her stomach is almost hard, and not flabby or distended. She was up in one of the barns by the hay for a few weeks, and I found some indentations, a larger one, and 3 or 4 smaller indentations. Then, she started hanging up by the deck by the house. I'm not sure if she had the kittens and they died, or she moved them, or if she's even pregnant at all. What signs should I look for if she is pregnant? Or any behavior changes/patterns if she's pregnant or had the kittens? Thanks

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If she's had and is nursing kittens, her nipples will be enlarged and pronounced. If she had kittens who died or were weaned recently (like within the last week or two), her teats will still be engorged with milk. If she is very pregnant, you should be able to feel the babies in her belly.

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If she is not staying in one place for long periods of time she has no kittens, a new mama won't leave their sides for the first month to 6 weeks except to briefly eat and relieve herself.

It is likely that she moved them, you will definitely hear them if she has kittens! They are little mew-machines, and if she likes you she will let you near them.

Other than that, everything Laurief said is good info.

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