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lazypupOctober 13, 2009

I want to thank everyone who invited me to join this forum.

I learned basic photography in the old school when through the lens metering was still in its infancy. In those days stop down metering was state of the art and such features as Aperture priority, Shutter Priority auto exposure, Auto focus and Digital media was unheard of. In fact, in those days ASA 325 color film was considered a super fast film.

When I retired in June I decided i wanted to get into nature photography as a retirement hobby. The problem was that I had no equipment and a severely limited budget so I began by acquiring some 35mm film cameras and a fair collection of 11 lenses to get me going. I chose Pentax cameras because that is the type I had years ago, and after shooting nearly 25,000 frames without a mechanical problem I am personally convinced that Pentax makes a high quality product, not to mention that at some time in the future I could acquire a Pentax DSLR and use these lenses on it.

Well, to make a long story short, although I had targeted early spring before i could afford a DSLR through luck and good fortunes I managed to scare up a Pentax *ist DL body in like new condition a couple weeks ago.

I would like everyone to understand that I have only had this digital in my hands for a week, and as you all know, making the switch from film to digital is a very big jump, but I am sort of proud of the humble beginnings and would like to share a couple shots with you all.

The two attached shots were taken with my Pentax *ist Dl and a Sigma 70-300mm lens. This is a manual focus lens but it does work with the auto focus sensor in auto aperture mode.

Th epic of the groundhog was taken at about 100yds and the turkeys were shot at 300yds.



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Lazypup, if you don't mind I'll direct-post those pics for you:

I learned about photography "back in the day," too. My dad was a fine amateur photographer, and I grew up in his darkroom. When I worked for a newspaper, I was very happy to put down the chemicals for the last time when they switched to digital. I swore I'd never get a digital camera........until I got one in my hands. I was hooked immediately.

I read your post about your acquisition of all that used equipment. Good for you! It's great to see that you're having fun with the digital transition.

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