Pet insurance

Elly_NJApril 13, 2011

Does anyone have pet insurance that they can recommend?

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We use VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance). Have had it for over 7 years. The plan we have (Superior Plan with the cancer rider) might not be available any more to new sign-ups, but if you ask about it, they might still offer it??? I know they've changed the plans/coverages/pricing, but we stayed with the same plan when we renewed with them last year.

I haven't done any comparisons recently, but a couple of years ago I'd looked into ASPCA ins, and felt at that time that VPI was still the best option for us.

You want to find out what is covered and what isn't, deductibles, % reimbursements, things like that.

Premiums with VPI only go up as pets move into different age groups, so that is something to check as well.

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My colleague just got a new dog from a client and she suspected issues with the dog. She bought PurinaCare and they covered her from that day for many issues with the dog. She is very happy with it.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I'm wondering if we should consider this for a dog. I just read Consumer Reports that basically recommended that it isn't worth it. It's better to just save your money for an unexpected bill. Plus they report that the expensive cancer care given to pets just makes them more uncomfortable and they still die within months. Our son is very attached to our dog and I know we would need to do all that was possible to save a dog in any situation, so I'm uncertain what to think.

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I have Healthy Paws for my dogs after looking at all of them.Signed up after my young German shepherd had an intestinal obstruction that cost a bundle. For me, it's a catch 22 situation because I have 4 dogs (all big dogs) & not much available cash. I rarely even do vets. I am inclined to agree with Consumer Reports, however, and plan to drop insurance. Still, do check Healthy Paws--these folks will actually pay up front to enable care on high dollar items.

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