Flea prevention

cleanfreak_2010April 19, 2014

Since flea season is back in full swing where I live in the Southeast US, I wanted to make others aware of a nontoxic flea control product that I've been using with great success for almost 2 years. It is called Flea Treats and works by making your dog or cat's skin smell unattractive to fleas and ticks. My finicky cats refuse to eat them, but my dogs eat them readily. Because my dogs are no longer bringing fleas into the house, the (indoor) cats no longer have fleas either.

It took about a month and a couple of tweaks to the suggested dosage, but it's been 100 percent effective at repelling both fleas and ticks in my two dogs. I love that I no longer have to use toxic chemicals on them. I hope others will find this helpful.

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Thanks for sharing this, cleanfreak. Always looking for a safe way to protect the dog and us people from fleas. You would probably need to use something for heartworms and ticks if you have those. The reviews on Amazon are mixed.

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What are the ingredients? "Natural" doesn't always mean "safe." Garlic and brewers yeast have both been touted as "natural" flea remedies and neither is safe for dogs, particularly the garlic.

My experience is the opposite of yours: my dogs never get fleas unless there's a cat in the household--but I don't leave my dogs outside in the yard for hours lying in the dirt or grass as some do.

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