Shots with new lens

epaoshaguySeptember 15, 2008

Its an inexpensive telephoto...500mm f8 with a 2x can really reach out there with it. Its totally different from the auto nikon lenses I've been using.

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Very, very nice! Love the reflection one but they are all "eye" catchers.

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Love the cattails! !!

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I like the cat tails, too. How much does the lens and TC weigh? JoanMN

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Good evening...

The cat tails (they really do look like cat tails!!) are actually seed heads from pearl millet. A forage/hay crop I plant on the ranch. I planted some along the edge of my garden, just for kicks. The birds love the stuff.

The lens is a Phoenix. The information states it is a preset lens, 11.7" long weighing 22.6 oz. It is a monster. There is a mount located on the first 1/3 of the lens for tri or mono pod use. Which is almost a must as the slightest quiver results in blurr. It came with the correct mounting ring for my d40x (which makes the overall length just over 12"). I'm hoping to get some closer shots of the deer, turkey, and wild hogs that run around the ranch.

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