Psychedelic Sunset

eric_waSeptember 30, 2007

Playing with my sunset I posted earlier.


Brightness and contrast


Hue and Saturation


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Wow, eric, you have some stunning variations. The second one is intense. The green one...I'm not sure about. LOL

I was doing the same thing last evening. My sunsets/sunrises were fairly bland but a little adjustment of brightness and contrast makes a huge difference. I found that my camera's sensor isn't large/good enough to handle the low light situations. I have to adjust the noise in most. Learned how to do that on just the sky portion and leave the ground detail alone. Also learned to use Elements 'dodge' tool to keep the detail of trees and plants on the ground from fading into silhouette.

Love playing with the color/light combos.

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Wow...again...I'm learning more how to use the brightness, gamma and contrast...and the difference it makes...Nicely done, Eric!


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Yikes, I'd hate to see that green one in real life! Cool work on these.

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