Close-ups with the Canon S3 IS

doterooSeptember 4, 2007

After doing several Google searches I found out I am not the only one having problems taking close-ups with this camera. I bet I have taken several hundred photos of one flower in my yard and still haven't gotten it right. I've tried different settings etc. I have managed to get a few good butterfly photos. Only problem is I don't know how I did it. lol. Can anyone offer suggestions? Also can anyone tell me how to take a close up with say one main object and the background is muted. I hope that makes sense. Thanks!

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How are you doing it now? Using the macro mode and getting up close? When it's on macro, you usually can't use the zoom at all.
Another way that works with the Sony superzoom is to turn macro OFF, stand back a bit, then zoom in. Works great for me.
Good luck!

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On my Olympus SP 510 UZ, a p& can zoom on regular macros but not on super macros...Does that work on yours? Hope you find a solution!


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