Getting over stroke anyone?

goldyMarch 31, 2013

You thank God you made it.Then you begin the progress.No signs but they come later.Off balance and a little loud talk or slur.As long as you are eatting you have hope.I looked in the mirro and did I age.I was old before but paid it no attention.You will slow down when your head catches up with the rest of your body.I found out that if you trust in God and let your body go for it"s self and take one day at a time "you can make it.If you don't you will become depressed.You can only live one day at a time So why worry.I feel better already.

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Goldy; sounds like you have the right attitude to make an awesome recovery. How long ago was your stroke? Thank you for being an inspiration!

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Goldy, you have a good attitude and it sounds like you are making big improvements! My MIL had a stroke in September.. has went from being unable to walk to using a walker and now walking unassisted. She is starting to cook for herself again and is even talking about driving again.

Hang in there Goldy!

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Good luck Goldy. MY husband had a stroke I think it was 3 years ago. He still works everyday, but he is not like he used to be. He is off balance all the time. Wishing you the best.


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please do everything your therapist asks of you! and many times a day! walk and do shoulder arm and hand exercises to keep them from "freezing up".
your attitude will get you far! Gods blessings

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I had a stroke in 2001 at age 48. . When I first woke up afterwards (in the hospital) I couldn't speak or even swallow water. My left side was totally "dead". But I made a good recovery the first year,did therapy as prescribed, relearned speech, walking, reading, etc. and was even able to return to my job. But I still have some numbness in my left foot and when I look in the mirror my smile is quite crooked! But I'm still alive, that's what is important!

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Had my stroke in Nov.212.came home had a few problems went back to the hospital Mar 213 now I'm home trying to get it to gather.You made me feel good .I know every case is different,and we have to take each day AS IT COMES.But some times you need a little help.Thanks for listening

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