baking lasagna: covered, or not?

jennNovember 10, 2011

I'm planning to make 2 pans of lasagna for a birthday dinner. One will be a 9x13 glass pan, the other a 9x13 metal pan. I'll be assembling the Lasagna on Saturday and baking it on Sunday.

My recipe (my own, homemade-from-scratch that my family loves) says to cover with foil and bake for 30 minutes, then remove foil and bake another 15 minutes. I've done that many times with excellent results.

However, I've seen other Lasagna recipes (Joe's Killer Lasagna, for instance) not calling for the foil cover. Also, I've read many warnings about not letting the foil touch the top of the lasagna while it's baking, lest it react with the tomato sauce. Yikes, I've done that lots of times!

I have 2 questions:

* Does the glass pan require a lower temperature (as I've seen numerous times -- or does that apply only to cakes?)

* How soon before dinner should I remove the Lasagna from the fridge before baking?

* Cover, or not?

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I always cover my lasagna......I find if you don't it gets too dry. Joe's lasagna is dryer than I like. But...some like it firm.
I have had lasagna that was stored in the refrigerator, covered with foil, eat through the foil. Not sure that a little aluminum will hurt you and I didn't notice a difference in taste....but...I'd rather not have foil in my food.
I cover the pan with saran, then foil.....and remove the saran and recover with the foil before I bake it.\
I don't make any adjustment in oven temp for a glass dish.
And I let a lasagna rest for at least 15 minutes....30 is better!
Sounds good to me!!
Linda C

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Thank you, Linda!

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I like to uncover it for the last 15 or so to get the top browned a bit.

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I do the same as FOAS.

If you use a convection oven cover it longer.

If you use a toaster oven, cover also, but rotate the dish once in a while.


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I do the same as FOAS and uncover the last 15-20 minutes to brown the top a bit.

I usually take it out of the fridge about 30 minutes before cooking and let rest for about 10-15 minutes after cooking.

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I'm with Chase and FOAS on this - covered until the last 15-20 min then sit for 15-20 after it is out of the oven.


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Thanks, everyone! That's what I'll do. I'll post my recipe later when I have a chance.

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The biggest problem I ran into with covering it was the cheese sticking to the foil. Greasing the foil and I hang my head admitting that I used to use that aerosol urine "cooking spray" sometimes for things like this. Sometimes I'd save the top layer of cheese for when I pulled the foil off and give it a zap under the broiler or finish baking it. I usually like a little brown crust to the top cheese. Another layer of flavor and some texture.

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Wow, I didn't realize that cooking spray was "aerosol urine" but knowing that now makes me feel better that at least nine times out of ten I use a brush or paper towel to apply bottled oil (to whatever) rather than spray pee.

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Thanks again for your comments. I baked the lasagna w/ foil on for 30 minutes (as usual, per the recipe), then 15 minutes with foil off. It was as good as ever!

However.... I used an old baking pan of some sort for one of them. A couple of days later, I noticed a black slime in one of the corners; tasting it, it tasted like metal. It's time to get a nice big lasagna pan.

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cynic, I just spewed my latte all over my monitor. Would that be 'coffee-pee'...LOL. FWIW I use Trader Joe's canola spray and that seems to smell not as toxic as commerical brands.

One more use for non-stick aluminum foil!

Yup, Jenn, get thee to Tuesday Morning/Marshalls/Ross etc. and get thee a new lasagna pan.

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