Huckleberries and Garlic

annie1992November 19, 2012

A few weeks ago I got a nice surprise package from KatieC. She grows more kinds of garlic than anyone I know, and she felt badly for me because I was only growing Music.

I opened the box and look what I found:

Bags labelled "Floha" and "Porcelain" and "Leningrad" and "Martin's Heirloom". Lots and lots of garlic. So, you know me, I planted it ALL. Next year I'll have enough garlic to start a garlic farm, LOL.

Added to the box was a jar of huckleberry preserves, yum, we don't have those here. She also sent me a lot of information about visiting Idaho. I think the Chamber of Commerce pays her. (grin) I'd love to visit there someday, I've only been in the tiny furthest down southeast corner of Idaho. Someday.....

Anyway, I decided I needed to bake some biscuits, Elery loves them. Drag out my old Betty Crocker cookbook and use their recipe since the recipe I've used for years has suddenly failed me the last couple of times. This one didn't, they were high and flaky:

I just couldn't wait any longer. I opened the jar of perserves. Elery took a taste, he'd never tried huckleberries. I think I should have hidden them:

Thanks Katie, and thanks from Elery too. Well, thanks from Elery for the preserves, at least, he's still not quite sure why I would plant 100+ cloves of garlic in the backyard....


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I thought you were going to share a creative recipe! Lucky you!

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Oh I feel bad. Katie sent me a garlic care package a little more than a month ago. She said not to make a surcie I didn't.
She's way too kind....that garlic is picture perfect isn't it?? I had rather a hard time burying it in the ground!!
And the huckleberry jam! When I was a kid we would pick huckleberries at the Jersey shore. One year the weather was so windy and cold that the beach wasn't nice for several days, so we went huckleberrying and on vacation my mother put up about 12 pints of berries. Nothing like huckleberries...nothing!!
Linda C

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Yeah, LIndaC, she told me it "wasn't necessary" so I didn't, but then I couldn't figure out how to post a huckleberry preserves picture without telling where the heck I got huckleberries, 'cuz you sure know it wasn't here!

So, I figured I'd just 'fess us, because next year I'm going to have to post a picture of all that lovely garlic and I'd have to confess then anyway!


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Annie - My garlic is already planted, not too many varieties do well here in the South. But those biscuits and huckleberries are calling my name this morning,lol.


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You'll find many ways to use that garlic, it's so good for you.

Never had huckleberry preserves...


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I've been wanting to make biscuits for a couple weeks already and now.... trying to hold out til Christy is off next week so we can make some room in the freezer and make her a bunch of biscuits with sausage for work day breakfasts.

That Elery is so silly. You plant 100+ garlic cloves because you want 100+ heads of garlic!!

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Nancy, I haven't had them either. Katie will probably slap me, but they kind of remind me of blueberries. I love preserves, better than jam, they have that syrup that runs down your fingers and soaks into the biscuits, yummy.

Coconut, make the biscuits. I also made fresh breakfast sausage with ground chicken and Elery had a couple of breakfast sandwiches on his way to visit his Dad last weekend. I couldn't go along, but I sent breakfast and saved him from McDonald's, LOL.

Silvia, garlic is one of those things that grow really well here in Michigan, my Grandson helped grow some and won a blue ribbon at the County Fair last summer, when he was 6. So now he's excited about all these different kinds. This year we planted elephant garlic, he's still in the "bigger must be better" frame of mind, LOL. We'll see how THAT goes at the fair next year!

And, given the varieties that KatieC grows, it's clear that garlic does well in Idaho too!


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I haven't been on here in a long time but just had to chime in since both items are near and dear to me.

My hubby grows garlic and has tried many different varieties. However, the last few years he has a problem with a virus or something in the soil. I'll have to pass on a couple of the varieties that Katie grows for him to try.

Now, for the huckleberries. My parents had a huckleberries patch in a marsh on their property when I was young. I just thought they were the best fruit in the whole world and still do, but when I went picking with them one time, I decided that it's really a lot of work. First of all, ours were much smaller than blueberries so it was time consuming picking those tiny litle berries, and then they are ripe in July here in Michigan, so it's usually hot and sometimes humid, and since it's in a marsh we had to wear rubber knee boots and a long sleeve shirt to keep mosquitos from biting. And to top it off, there was a snake in the bush I was picking from. I never returned to that marsh and decided that I would have to buy my huckleberries if I was ever going to eat them again.

Enjoy the perserves Annie, they are worth their weight in gold!!


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What a nice surprise to find in your mailbox! I hope your garlic grows well for you. I have been meaning to try garlic, but have not had time to look into it so I am not sure where to start. Maybe next year....

I wish I would have been smart like you when Karen brought me some garlic when we met for lunch on their trip a couple of summers ago! Nope...didn't plant any...I ate all of it! LOL

Those preserves look absolutely divine! I had some chocolate covered huckleberries that I got from JamieMT years ago in a swap. Never preserves, tho. I bet they are delicious!


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Lol, Annie. The Chamber can't pay me...I'm on the board. I give out tons of propaganda for them. My part of Idaho is way different from the corner you saw. Come in mid-Sept. I'll have lots (of tomatoes) to do :)

It really wasn't a surcie...just some big garlic. Then I got excited because we had no berries this year and I found a few jars of huck preserves stashed in my pantry. I figured if they were put back it had to be because it was a good batch (I hope!). Of course, how would you know? hehe. And then there's the challenge of making flat rate shipping boxes as heavy as possible...

Huckleberries do taste a bit like zingy blueberries. I often mix them.

Karen and Linda, if you remind me next July I'll send you some hardnecks to try. A lot of my best stock came from wegrowgarlic in z5 Wisconsin. I'm after garlic with huge cloves that stores until May. I culled out nearly half my varieties this year...I'm down to 20.

Annie and LindaC, I hope they do well for you. The bulbs were smaller than usual this year, due to DH's decision that more water is better. Not true. (Unless you want half-pound carrots and giant hollow potatoes...aargh.)

Edit Post!

This post was edited by katiec on Fri, Nov 23, 12 at 11:47

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Well, I guess I wouldn't know if they were exceptionally good or not, but they were pretty darned good! (grin) Elery agrees, he'd never had huckleberries before.

I hope the garlic does well too, because it's been really warm here. Usually it's a lot colder, but I have garlic about 2 inches tall, usually it just sits in the ground and sprouts up in the spring. There's snow on the ground now, but supposed to be 50 by the weekend. We'll see how the garlic likes it!

Maybe Bud'll win a blue ribbon next year with YOUR garlic...

I know I'll have some garlic next year, anyway. It's all a gamble, Dad used to say farming was like playing poker with the Almighty.


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Thanks Katie, I hope I remember when July rolls around. I'm sure hubby would love trying a new variety.

Linda, I wish I could send you more so you could plant some but we just didn't harvest much again this year and it's all gone already. (sad). It is too late for this year anyway.


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