Family Pictures--unposed and posed...

juanitalSeptember 18, 2007

It's a rare occasion that we are able to get together (with considration of everyone's work schedule) but we managed Sunday...We had nice eat as the day goes...sun shining...showing up when you get there...and just good ole-plain hanging out...The last thing to do was get pics of everyone...

1st pics is of kids just waiting...2nd is all of us...It was pretty awesome day!


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Wonderful family portrait. The casual ones are my favorites, I'm not fond of studio settings. Bet that's in your garden, right?

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ah yes, sounds like a wonderful day...i really like the 2nd one, with ever'body in it :o)

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Great family portraits, both of them.
Speaking of posed and unposed,
Here's how most of the world sees my kids and grandkid,

this is what they're really like,


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juanital brought a giggle...Thanks for sharing!

Bean..almost in garden...its before you walk into it at this end...Decided here as every where else was in full sun...

Lianne thanks...Did I mention that grandson-inlaws-fiancee and boyfriend included-plus us parents...Truly nice day...


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