tell me about agave

noodlesportlandNovember 23, 2012

I just do not understand this item. I bought some and just do not understand why I would use this instead of sugar. I do not bake often and do not eat sweets much.

Still, what are the advantages of this sweetner?

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Agave made it's reputation as a low-glycemic sweetener, meaning it didn't raise the blood sugar as rapidly as other natural sweeteners (sugar, honey, fruit juice, etc), so it was a sweetener used by people with blood glucose issues. Agave comes in at about 13 on the glycemic index of foods while honey is 70 (charts and sources may vary).

It takes much less agave than sugar to make things sweet. For instance, I use 1/4 c. agave nectar for a loaf of banana bread. Agave worked well in cooking and especially baking because it did the same science sugar did, unlike chemical or no-calorie sweeteners. Agave feeds yeast in breads, browns and maintains moisture - Splenda, Nutrasweet, stevia don't.

I've used agave as a part of a low-glycemic diet since 1999 due to rampant diabetes in hubby's family. In the past few years there has been more research on agave and it's not as good a choice as it once was thought to be. Raw agave - "...refined hydrolyzed 70-90% high fructose inulin syrup metabolized directly to fat and triglycerides in your body, triggers obisity, cardio vascular disease..." Although we haven't personally had any of these disease symptoms or health problems. I believe most of these same health issues have been attributed to using fructose (the chemical crystalized version) and high-fructose corn syrup.

Due to the newer research and information, I still use agave nectar, but in low amounts and only occasionally, but also use other low-glycemic choices - palm sugar, Swerve (Erythritol) and stevia for sweeteners. I react violently when I consume Splenda and have never liked Nutrisweet and other chemical sweeteners, so I tend to avoid them entirely.


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I tried it in tea once instead of a little honey, and I put more & more in - it didn't seem to have any taste at all. I tasted it plain too - maybe it's just my taste buds, but it didn't tast sweet, didn't taste like anything.

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