Getting close to the finish line. Except...

drybeanMarch 2, 2013

We are getting close to being finished with our kitchen remodel.

Hooray! Our range was put in today. Even though we don't have counters or sink yet, I was looking forward to being able to cook a frozen pizza this weekend!

But wah, wah, wah....

My electrolux slide in range doesn't work. The induction cooktop seems to work fine, but the oven will not turn on. There doesn't even seem to be any power to the oven-not even the clock. So I'm thinking that maybe there is a fuse or something electrical not working.

Such a disappointment. Now I have to deal with this next week instead of baking cookies!

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Sounds like a controller issue. Call for the warranty service.

BTW, there is a well known installation issue with the slide in version that I hope you've taken into account here. It needs 1/2" filler or extended stile to each side of the range before the cabinets begin if they are frameless or full overlay.

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GreenDesigns-thanks for the feedback.
I'm going to call on Monday morning. Of course it was
Installed on Friday afternoon in CA when their east coast offices
were already closed for the weekend.

Thanks also for the heads up in the filler. I did have
1/2" put on either side of range. This clears the oven
door as well as the cabinet drawers from all banging into each other.

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Ooooh, that's a nice range! I would have bought one if my old range didn't die before the remodel. The install specs scared me, couldn't see messing with what I have knowing it would be wasted money. Could you post a pic of that beautiful oven interior in your reveal, pretty please??

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Williamsem-I was so disappointed that it didn't fire right up. I'll definitely snap some pics of the interior when it's all done.

The tech came out today to service it. There was a wire that was not connected inside the unit (from the factory, not from install). Easy fix and it seems to be fine now. The whole thing has me nervous enough to think about buying the extended warranty though. Who knows what else might come up if something simple like a wire wasn't connected.

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