Is there a mulch that deters fleas?

kittensApril 25, 2010

I'm getting ready to set up an outdoor enclosure for my cats. Is there anything I can put down that is pet friendly and would deter fleas in the area? It's going to be up against my house so I don't want anything that would bring in termites, either. Thoughts?

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cedar mulch is good for deterring unwanted bugs but if you aren't already, you should be treating them with monthly flea/heartworm preventative. :)

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The cedar mulch is a good idea for keeping things smelling nice, you can also plant some white sage or artemisia to help out but to really deter fleas you MUST put donw something like Diatomaceous Earth (not the kind for a pool - that has added chemicals in it you dont want) get it from a garden store or on line. A small bag will last years. You can place the DE around the perimeter of the yard, the house and the enclosure. Be sure to not inhale the stuff too much, and it must be applied after a rain. Other than DE - the best thing you can use on your pets is Advantage or Frontline. Good luck

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Thank you. I'm going to look into the Diatomaceaus Earth and see how that works as long as it's safe to use around them. I was really hoping to avoid having to treat them but will do so if it's needed.

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Heartworms are especially important to prevent because there is no treatment in cats and the first symptom is often sudden death. There are topical products that prevent both heartworms and fleas and there are oral medications for heartworms only for cats. The heartworm products also protect against intestinal parasites which can be a problem depending on where you live.

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Ahh, I'll have to consider heartworms, too. Glad I posted. I might as well go for the treatment for both since I'd prefer not to have to orally treat one of my cats (she's extremely difficult). I'll still do what I can to try keeping the area flea-free just for some extra protection for them.

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