would porcelain tile that looks like wood make a good countertop

storkladyMarch 26, 2010

I remember reading at some point a discussion about porcelain tile that looks like wood that had been used in a couple of bathrooms. We are doing a kitchen and initially wanted slab granite but the budget is shot subce we are at the end and we need to settle for tile. I don't want 12 x 12 granite tile as it would be full of grout lines. Daltile has a really nice 24x24 black porcelain body tile called "flashpoint," but it's not quite big enough to span the entire distance of the counter so along the wall there would be smaller tiles to fill the space. I can't stand that thought. I wonder why someone can't make a tile large enough for an entire 24" space so you could have just a few big tiles and a few grout lines to create a top. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone thought that tiles that look like wood would be a good countertop. The grout lines would be more expected because of the way wood is cut for flooring. Just wonder if it's a GOOD option as opposed to just an option. Thanks. I think a really good looking wood tile that is dark could make a pretty counterop.

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So long as you don't mind the grout lines, check out Daltile's Timber Glen series.

Personally, I'd be afraid it'd end up looking something like Pergo, though.

As for your 24x24 porcelain, you're sure you'd have that space.... even with a 3 inch wide bullnose out front? Or were you planning to trim the countertop with wood?

Even if you ARE going to end the tile right at the edge (instead of capping the edge with tile), could you do me a favor, and measure your EXACT distance, from the wall to the edge of your countertop?The reason I'm asking is I might have a cure, as shown in the pics below.

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Circus Peanut

I think it could be gorgeous, and give you all the benefits of tile plus the warmth of wood tones. How would you finish the edges? Daltile makes bullnose for their Timber Glen line, but I haven't seen any ogee shapes in that style.

There would be grout, which to my mind is the biggest tile counter drawback, but I think that porcelain wood-look tile is made for very thin groutlines?

You could get a sample piece or two and lay them on your current countertop to get a feel for it. I really love tile but am not find of the bumps of some tile countertops -- I'd want to check how rumpitty-bumpitty this tile is before committing to it.

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Circus Peanut

Ooooh, Bill posted while I was dawdling over composing. Yum! What an amazing tile counter -- what tile is that Bill?

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Fori is not pleased

It might be a good counter, but the ones I've seen are REALLY expensive!

What about actual butcherblock? Ikea has some that absurdly inexpensive. ANd you could upgrade to granite when the budget allows (unless you end up loving it like many do).

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A real wood butcher block top would look a LOT better. It's not only the grout lines, although that's a biggie. It would just look, well, "college dorm apartment", without the inexpensiveness of it. You can be creative on a budget, but sometimes thinking outside the box needs to stay outside the box if you want a certain look. If you're doing the tiling, it might end up being as expensive as a nice Boos butcher block. (A lot more than Ikea) If you have to pay to have it tiled, granite slab would be cheaper. You could even do a simple stained plywood top with real wood edging for a fraction of the tile and have a nice looking counter until your budget recovered to get the one you really want.

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Yes, Bill, please tell us what that tile is! Do you have pictures of that kit chen finished? I'd like to see more of it. Thanks!

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That's as finished a pic as I have. The homeowner did all the rest. As for the tile, He also supplied that from a showroom down in Mass. somewhere, so all I can tell you is that it was 23 3/4"x23 3/4". Being that he was putting on a wood molding for an edge trim, I didn't have to extend out past the edge of the countertop, and it left about a 1/2" gap in the back, which we took care of by doing a small backsplash, and building it out just a hair that came flush to the underside of the bay window shelf tile.

This is why I said that I might have a way that she could use the tile she WANTED to use in the first place.

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They do make countertop depth tiles 26" deep x 18" wide. Here's a link with lots of selection. You still have a grout line every 18 inches, but you avoid the small piece at the back. And FWIW, I just can't see the wood grain porcelain on a coutertop myself...

Here is a link that might be useful: one 26x18 tile source

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I'll be the dissenting voice. I think it could look really cool. My friends have a country house with a (real) plank counter, and it is beautiful. (It is in NO way "college dorm.")

My only concern would be the texture of the tile. You'd want to find something pretty smooth. You could also edge with a Schluter counter edge.

I agree, though, that the cheapest way to go (unless you or someone you know can tile well) is butcher block from Ikea. A lot of people are staining this now, as well.

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