Sink cabinets coming along

donaleenMarch 23, 2013

Our cabinets are starting to look like something.

Here is a link that might be useful: more photos here...

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The cabinet is beautiful. Love the detailing on the door.

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Love the "Six Feet Under" vent holes!! Are you doing them across the top, or will that be an apron sink? I'm considering the same pattern for the false drawer.

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Yes, the idea is from Six Feet Under...I just loved those. I even bought a season of Six Feet Under to study the holes.

It will be an apron sink so the hole pattern will be just in the two pullouts under the sink. Because they are pullouts, the holes will be backed... we are planning on painting the part behind the holes black.

I want that big honking 36" sink to look like the queen of the kitchen.

We move slowly around here. Still much to do before installation. Drawer faces for the drawers. Pullout cutting boards. Priming and painting the cabinets. Plus we like having a life. We pushed Demolition Day to May 13th.

I still have a couple of color things I am wringing my hands about... what will the color of the countertop really look like installed? It's just different to look at a sample versus an expanse of countertop. And has BM somehow changed their paint so that the Windham Cream isn't the same anymore? The island color still doesn't look as rich as the old cabinets do.

Here is my hole pattern if you (or anyone else) wants it. It was actually pretty easy to make with a 3/4 inch Forstner drill press bit (for the round holes) and a quarter inch spiral router bit for the connecting straight lines. If you click through to the blog entry, you can see the process.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

I love your kitchen already--really looking forward to seeing the sink and cabinets in place.

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Thanks, mama_goose.

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Seriously impressed!

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So kind and thoughtful of you to post that!! I was actually thinking of that pattern in the sink false drawer. If I go that way, you've savd me some architectural fees. Thanks!

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Thanks Angie and you are welcome, Marcolo.

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