How to post pics?

lazypupSeptember 29, 2009

Would someone please enlighten me on the procedure to post pics here?

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This should help. It's information I posted on another forum so don't be surprised when the link takes you to the Florida GArdening Forum.


Here is a link that might be useful: Easy Photo Posting Instructions

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I went to that link and followed all the instructions to post a photo to photobucket and get the HTML code.

I hope everyone will bear with me while I try a sample pic here.

Hopefully the photo will appear.

I began my interest in photography in the old school back in 1966 when SLR's with through the lens metering were still in their infancy and such features as Aperture Priority & Shutter Priority auto exposure were totally unheard of. I remember back in the early 70's of reading an article in a photo mag that predicted digital media in the distant future, but at the time 64 & 125ASA film was the standard and both Fuji & Ilford were experimenting with 400ASA color.

The attached photo was taken with a Pentax ME super 35mm film camera with an Asahi auto Bellows and a Pentax 55mm F1.2 normal lens using 200ASA kodak color film shot at 1/125sec @ F5,6 with a ring light flash unit.

This photo is an un-cropped full frame image from the film.

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It worked - good job!
And it's a lovely picture, too.


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Welcome, lazypup! We hope you come back often.

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Welcome, lazypup. Jump right in.


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