A turtle wandered into my yard

molossermomApril 17, 2012

I went outside this afternoon and found Sadie (my female mastiff barking at a 5 or 6 inch turtle who was trying with all its might to fit through a 3inch square hole in the fence. Thankfully she wasn�t sure if it would bite so I was able to get it out of harm�s way. But don�t have the first clue on how to help. So far I gave it a shallow dish of water and some lettuce and my husband called the turtle rescue. They haven�t called back yet. Any suggestions?

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Keep it away from the mastiff, and in a quiet area.

If you want more help, find out what kind it is - based on where you live - and ask a forum that specializes in them.

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The link below should help. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of chapters. Click on each one for more contact info.

Here is a link that might be useful: CTTC

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I have a GSD/chow mix guard dog. He is very aggressive and dominant.

Last summer, I noticed him acting very strange while in the back yard.

He was trying to sniff something, but was very wary and jumpy. He would stand on his toes, stretch out his neck, and jump back violently. It was hilarious.

I go see what was affecting him and found a box turtle, about 4" in diameter. He wanted to see it, but would NOT get close.

This turtle was headed south. I have an area in the yard that would(at least it seems to me) provide a nice home for a turtle. So, I set it there. And it crawled out---going south.

Three times and the same thing---plus my big masculine guard dog was in a frenzy by now. So, mI put the turtle soutside my fence(on the south side of the yard and off it went.

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murraysmom Zone 6 OH

Handymac, clearly that turtle was on a mission!!! LOL

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Thanks for the responses. And handymac ,very funny story ! (I had two chow chows before & they make great gaurd dogs).I was able to keep it safe and wet. Our local shelter said it was a red striped slider wich is very common and not protected. If we took it to the shelter they would care for it three days but if no one claimed or adopted it they would , well you know. we waited till 8pm then took him to the shelter(he wouldnt eat). As soon as we got home the rescue called back .they sent someone over to the shelter to rescue him .Hooray! The lady at rhe rescue said he was very large and probably out grew his original home (a box in some kids bedroom in the apt. behind our house)so they tossed him out next to the dumpster.Makes me sick to my stomach. but anyway he's safe now. Thanks again for the feed back and helpfull link.

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I have heard that you always need to put a turtle in the direction you found it...like in a road if it's facing to the left , you take it to the left side of the road.

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That's an intresting concept, if it's a wild turtle . This was a pet that needed to have water to swim in at all times and I live in LA . As it was it almost got munched by my dog.

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