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socomMarch 26, 2014

We are having our cabinets made. I'd appreciate any feedback for this design. We will have inset shaker style cabinetry.

I will have him redesign the kitchen hood since I don't like the way it looks. Either have the hood exposed or some other kind of cabinet design. Thoughts?

We will have a 48" cook top. Does anybody have 2 stacked drawers that are 48" wide? I plan to store pots and pans in these drawers. Can it hold the weight? Or is it better to separate into 4 drawers so the span is not so wide?

Cabinet maker put all 3 stacked drawers. Is it better to have a variety or does it look better to have them all consistent?

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Hi socom, we have a 3 drawer stacks on our island and 2 drawer stacks in the perimeter cabinets. I counted 10 shallow drawers on your design. Do you really think you'll need that many? I have 3 shallow/utensil drawers that are 27" wide and 2 that are 12" wide. I find that is plenty. You may find you'd like deeper drawers in some areas (therefore only 2 in each stack) for taller items. I have a 36" cooktop with 2 36" drawers below. My drawer with my cast iron skillets is fairly heavy. Not sure if 48" wide there is pushing the boundaries (the designers and craftspeople on this forum could better speak to that) but I think I'd feel more secure with drawers that were not that wide. I'd be happy to post or email you some pix of our drawer stacks if it would be helpful.

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With so many cabs, why not consider doing the island in a stained finish if all the other cabinetry is painted. I love the small glass doors!

And as for the knobs on doors, I've seen them 3"-5"(depending on length of door)from the bottom, rather then centered. It's seems to be a relatively new concept, or maybe just personal taste.

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Here's an article that might be useful.

Here is a link that might be useful: hardware

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sum5463- I'd love to see your cabinetry. Would you mind posting it emailing me please?

Patty_cakes: thank you for the link. I'm still deciding on our countertops which will help me decide whether to paint the island or stain it a different color. :)

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I came across this thread a few weeks ago that discusses a 42" drawer that broke due to excessive weight. You may want to consider the weight of your pots and pans and make sure the drawer specs will hold it.

Here is a link that might be useful: broken 42

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Kas4- thanks for the link to the thread. I'll have to double check with the cabinet maker to use the heavy duty hardware whether we stick with 48" or go down in size.

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Man, that is a lot of drawers! But I agree with the others - 3-drawer stacks may not meet your needs, no matter how many of them you have - especially since they're all shown with the bottom two drawers the same size. 4-drawer stacks have a place too - I use mine for dish towels, bags and wraps, other things that are better accessed in a shallower drawer.

In the recent remodel of my small kitchen, I had specific things I wanted to go in drawers, like sugar and flour canisters, and cake pans on their sides. I specified the usable height of the bottom drawers to accommodate those items, and the middle drawers were not as tall.

You have 2 corners in your kitchen, and it looks like you have lazy susans in both. Do you really need them? If you turned a couple of those drawer stacks into doubles instead of triples, I'll bet you could easily fit the taller items you would have put in your LS. I would close them both off, and extend the drawers on each side of the corner to use the space. On the range side, that might mean moving the range a bit to the left, to maintain symmetry, but doing so improves the functionality of the uppers on that wall, and gives you bigger top drawers for cooking utensils and potholders.

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Did you note that you need to factor in the weight of the drawer for the heavy duty glides? I would divide the drawer. I have a 48" drawer in an antique sideboard and that is a huge drawer.

The measurements are impossible to read, so if you are able to fix that you'll get more specific comments. I believe you have a 30" sink base, which looks tiny with the big window and 48" cooktop, so I'd go 36". That hood looks like a plain row of cabinets. is that all he has in his bag of tricks?

What are the dimensions of the glass upper cabinets on the sink wall? When you factor in the stiles and rails, how much actual window will you have? Some doors are just too small to accomplish anything but a weird peephole near the ceiling, and when you factor in the electrician, is it worth it to display a dozen objects? I would make the two cabinets flanking the window all glass--a very nice focal point. If you keep the peepholes, at least eliminate the ones on the range wall since they are not the same size as the ones on the window wall. Make those upper uppers taller too.

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Oh, and I ditch the diagonal upper cabinet, unless you are putting in a lazy susan. I had 2 in my old kitchen, and they were black holes. I replaced them with easy-reach, and I'm much happier!

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Annkh- Thank you for the helpful advice. Do you have pictures of the corners without lazy susans? I'm having a hard time visualizing.

May_flowers- Thanks. I will try reposting so the measurements can be read. Thanks for pointing out the sink cabinet size and the glass doors.

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Wall 3. Testing to see if I can get the picture bigger with legible dimensions

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Do you have a 2D/flat layout? I'm a bit concerned with the what appears to be seating backing to cabinets & counter. How wide is that aisle? It may be the 3D perspective that's deceptive, so an overhead 2D would help.

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buehl- I have attached a 2D. Sorry if the measurements are small.

I believe the island countertop is suppose to be 9' X 6'. The aisles I think are almost 4' wide.

Anybody know I can enlarge the picture?

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Hopefully this is more legible

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Wall 1

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Another wall

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Last wall

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J, a question about the cabinets over the range top. Does your range top manufacturer recommend certain CFMs on the vent hood over it? My BlueStar spec'd a minimum of 600 CFM for my 36" top and that the hood extend 6" beyond the cooktop (42" hood). Do you know what ventilation you need to use and whether it will work with cabinets above? I may have missed it if you have already commented on this.

Glad my pix were helpful. :)

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The corner on the right is a diagonal, with a full super susan. I keep small applaices and colanders in there, and use it daily.

On the right, the corner is completely inaccessible. There is a bit of filler on each side, so the drawers can open past each other.

Even though my kitchen is pretty small, it was far better for me to close off the corner to get terrific drawers in that space, rather than try to access the corner for things I don't use much. I use those drawers ever day.

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Among other things, you should take into consideration how difficult it will be to clean the middle of a 6' wide island.

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Sum5463- I need to look but I know the hood is 1200 cfm. I have to check if it will allow a cabinet or not.

Annkh- thanks for the pictures

Sj- will take that into consideration

I'm meeting with the cabinet guy today so hopefully we can go over everything. Going to ask him to ncorporate 2 and 4 tiered drawers, balance the cabinetry around the cook top, change corner cabinets, verify size of glass to make sure it will look right, island size. Geesh so many things I never considered... Anything else I should address?

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