Learned a couple things yesterday

jeaninwaSeptember 15, 2013

1. ALWAYS check ALL the camera settings. Somehow, my file size was changed from RAW + Large jpeg to S3, which is way too small for what I was doing. I've NEVER shot on S3 before, so I have no idea how it got there.

2. Went to a photography class on how to shoot frozen motion. wayyyyyy FUN!

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Cool! So how do you shoot frozen motion?

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Yes, how does one do it?

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High speed photography. Set your camera on a tripod and set the aperture to the smallest opening it will allow. You will need a flash or very bright lighting and then set your shutter speed to as fast as possible.

After taking a few pictures, you may have to adjust the settings to a slower shutter speed and even a larger aperture.

If you have a camera that takes multiple consecutive pictures, then use it since it will ensure that you get the picture at just the right time.


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Hmm glad to see he efforts but dear you need more improvements because these photos are really blurry and you have to make them clear. Good work, keep it up man.

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Belatedly, thanks kentuck_8b. Love the shot jeaninwa.

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James....duh! Yeah, they're blurry and aweful, The file size on my camera was WAYYYYY off!

But I had a ton of fun and learned the mechanics.

I went to a class that was offered on a Meet Up group.

Only $15 for the class and had a blast. Check out Meet Ups in your town!

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