Anyone have a V3 porcelain floor?

SarinaMarch 3, 2013

My new floor I picked out today. Building Dr Horton home so had to get all colors done today . The tile I picked says its V3 high pattern variation . Anyone V3 floor and do you find it busy?

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I have have V3 tile in my bathroom. It is a small room so not all that much tile but I do not find it busy. Even though V3 is highly variable my tile guy said there is some patterning to the tiles. He took care to try to match up some of that patterning as much as he could. Here are a couple shot of my floor. There are some shadows and the color is slightly off because it is a night time picture but it should give you an idea in case no one else posts their kitchen floor.

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I have V4. Our countertop is a solid colored quartz, so the variation adds interest when both surfaces are stone.

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With the countertop.

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That looks very nice in both rooms. Do you think that the V3 and V4 will look dated faster then other tiles? I am going to have to have this tile for a very long time as hubby did not want to move really. He thought I should of picked a V2 tile we saw but it was a ceramic and this was nice that I could upgrade to porcelain at not to much more of a cost.

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If your home is very contemporary, there's lots of gorgeous tile to choose from. If your home is traditional like mine, you see a lot of the same type of tile, and most of it was too ornate for me. We had to match the countertop and it wasn't easy finding something that wasn't too gray, too golden, too brown, etc.

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My house is a mix of things more traditional then contemporary I would say. I hope the tile I picked will fit in with all of my things , scary process isn't it .

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I don't know what our masterbath tile is rated but it obviously has a lot of variation. I love it in our room but we're using a much less variegated tile in my son's (more contemporary) bathroom.

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We have V3 porcelain tiles and no don't find them too busy at all. I fact I love the amount of patterning because it's so forgiving from a cleaning perspective. I don't feel the need to constantly mop up every little paw print mark or coffee spill ten times a day, which was the case with our previous floor. The smooth finish of our old floors drove me crazy so I went with the V3 for that reason. It's heaven now vs. our previous tiles.

I don't worry about it becoming dated since I don't think it's currently either trendy or untrendy. If anything I might worry that a high-gloss super contemporary tile might become dated, but I don't believe a V3 tiles screams of any particular decade.

Some pics (I don't have any that we're taken as closeups of the tiles themselves but these show the floor in context pretty well):

The floors do an amazing job of camouflaging the prints and hairs of a certain someone even when I don't get to mopping the floors for a few days:

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Love your dogs ears in that picture :) That is one thing too I was thinking about the tile is a cleaning aspect. I have a lighter tile now V2 and it shows dirt easy not to mention the lighter grout grrr. The granite I most likely will put in will be blue pearl my fav and what I have here. So that is a tight grain pattern. The floor is light tan brown cream and dark gray running through it .

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