Humming Bird

lindajewellSeptember 7, 2008

These are not as good as what ya'll post here, but I was just so tickled to be able to get any shots of my favorite little bird! Wish I understood more about the camera I have, or maybe I should have just purchased a better one. Anyway, these are from this morning........

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Oh I love that last one. I can never get very good shots of birds.

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I admit to taking about 35 photos and these were the best.......shows what kind of photographer I am! LOL!
Thanks for your kind comment, I was just to tickled to get a few shots even if they are not that great.

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I think your shots are great Linda!!!!

I've taken alot of shots of different subjects only to have a very few suit worries mate...just keep clicking!!!

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They're hard to shoot. I try to catch them when they're on a twig, "standing guard"!

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I live in Washington State. I have two feeders and it is winter right now. It has been VERY cold, down in the teens. How often do I change the feeders? I have a little humming bird that is still here living in the big bush across the street. I see him every now and then and he is just sitting on a little branch in an opening in the bush. I have put White Christmas lights on the patio I leave on 24-7 to have a warm area at night if he knows to come and take advantage of it. I made a little cup nest out of Lab stone like the one I saw at my mother-in-laws house one year. I put it up as high as I could and made a few leaves to shield it from the wind He probably has a fine place over across the street. I put grass in it that grew from the bird seed feeder this fall. Guess I better clean that one out.
Anyway. Is there anything I can put out to help this little guy make it through this cold time??
Thank you in advance anybody.

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According to this site the hummingbirds are arriving 12-18 days earlier than in the past.

The weather also seems to be doing the same. Winters here (NE OH)seem to be milder than when I first moved here in '93...

I hope its warm enough for them. They are like jewels of spring!

Here is a link that might be useful: Journey North Hummingbird

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