Anyone reupholstered a lazy boy?

kjmamaMarch 5, 2011

So it is not so " lazy boy" ? Pictures?


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Funny you should ask this, because I ran across this on Miss Mustard Seed's blog recently and was blown away. I'll try to link it to the actual blog for you.
Looks like she did more of a slipcover than reupholster, but you can certainly adapt it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Blog-Blue Roof Cabin lazy-boy tutorial

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This isn't on topic, and I apologize, but it's a great example of working with an iffy piece of furniture and inspiring a Craigslist frenzy over Early American style. Scroll down about a quarter of the way. From dull finish and crusty plaid to distressed white and toile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gracefully vintage

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We reupholstered a Bradington Young recliner from 1987. It's a small recliner and we couldn't find another one as small. It had been cloth and we had it redone in leather. It cost about $400.00 for the labor and we are very pleased with how it came out.

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Years ago. I am impressed with the one shown on the site. She did a great job. The reason she did a slipcover is something I wish had been thought of when upholstering mine. I swore never to do another one and definitely know why an upholster would charge so much.

One of the difficulties with upholstering is not the new, but pulling off all the existing fabric, staples, etc. With a recliner there are dozens of moving parts to deal with and remove too. A long process, but can be done.

I really like the idea Alex sent you to. Great job and looks like it would work well.

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We reupholstered ours about 5 years ago, but kept the lazy boy look. Wish I would have thought about changing the look. Just wanted to tell you to keep the original padding. Ours is not comfortable now like it used to be.

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Wow, I never thought of reupholstering a lazy-boy. Of course, with mine, that would probably cost more than just buying new.

Did any of you try pre-made slipcovers? Do they work? I have 2 20-yr-old Lazyboy recliners that are still in perfect shape except for their color--blue, picked during the blue and mauve phase which I now despise. They haven't been in "public" rooms of our house in many years.


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