new 'kitty' is now Stanley

homebodymomApril 15, 2010

Our new stray "kitty" went to the vet today and is now officially named Stanley! He is a neutured male, @3 years old, probable mainecoon mix.

We are starting very slow introductions with my indoor 5yr old male cat, and our 2 labs. Stanley is the one doing all of the hissing and spitting. My labs are mostly bored with him (although they do think the hissing, spitting, and swatting are interesting), but my cat is truly fascinated and would love to get closer. He is still in my daughters room, but I have put a chair in the doorway so everyone can sniff and see each other from a distance.

Any suggestions on how to help him adjust to all of his new animal family?

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The last time I brought in a new stray she lived in a bathroom for a while and they sniffed each other under the door. This was probably for a week. Then the newcomer was brought out for supervised periods of time - however long I could spend watching over everyone. I can't remember how long we went on like that - not too long - until everyone seemed to behave nicely. They really adjusted to each other pretty quickly. I had two neutered males and the new cat was a fully functional female. In short order she start going into heat and one of the boys attempted to go into action. I quickly made an appointment to get her spayed. She and that cat always got along better than the other one. They all got along fine but she'd curl up and sleep with him but not the other one.

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