No LCD screen

phyllis__mnSeptember 13, 2010

I have an older Sony,Cybershot P52. I am able to use the view finder to take pictures, but not the LCD screen, which shows nothing but a gray band across a black background. Batteries are charged, tried new memory stick, but still no LCD screen. Any ideas?

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I'm thinking it's probably shot. I think it would be pretty expensive to fix.
You might have to just get along with the viewfinder or get a new camera.

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I was afraid you were going to say that, Joan! I do have another camera, so it's no biggie. I just hate to have it be a disposable. Thanks anyway.

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Sometimes it's just something little, like resetting the LCD ribbon inside
the camera. Have it checked out and see how much it would be.
Try this first... give it a good knock in the palm of your hand, or push with
fingers.....well read below, not sure if your camera has the white screen,
if you have, then this might fix it?

Here is a link that might be useful: white screeen fix

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Thanks for the link, Konrad, but I've tried all the hints, and it still doesn't work. So I think I'll just take it in and get an estimate.

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Phyllis, I suspect the cost of repair will be close to (or even exceed) the price of a new camera. That's what I hear, anyway. Of course, I'd want a new one no matter what. :-)

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I got this Sony when they were still quite expensive; I have a Canon that I bought last year, paying about half the price of the Sony, and it has a much larger optical lens, and large LD screen, so will use that more often. Thanks for the info, everyone.

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