Problem Soved! for Sony camera with Vista

pilihpSeptember 29, 2009

Sony DSC-S75 no usb driver for Vista - camera not recognised

The simple solution explained by Goats-2008 is below.

Turn your camera on (not plugged into the computer) turn the top dial to the Set Up position, on the back of the camera press the down arrow until you see USB CONNECT: Normal, highlight this then press the right arrow, you will see PTP and NORMAL.Highlight the PTP and press the center button of the direction arrows, it should now read USB CONNECT: PTP, turn the top dial back to the normal position and plug the camera into the computer, in a couple of minutes the computer will recognize the camera and in a few seconds a window will open that will let you import your pictures, they will go into Windows Photo Gallery. Thats all there is to it, I hope this helps.

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That was easy.....nice of you to offer a solution.

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Hi bug_girl,
My previous camera was a DSC-H2 and I really love that little camera. I'm learning a DSLR and sometimes find myself going back to the Sony to feel like I'm in a comfort zone.

I was taking pictures of the moon last night with the DSLR. It was very frustrating at first. I couldn't get as good a photo with the DSLR as I had with the Sony in the past. For me, I think it's the learning curve I'm dealing with. Could it be that for you, too?

I know how you feel, though...and hope you get everything worked out to use your previous camera.

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