Cooking Up A Storm (Pix heavy ---warning!!!)

dcarch7November 7, 2012

Storm after storm here in NY. There was not much to do, everything was shut down, Only boring weather reports and campaign commercials on TV. So I turned off the TV and cooked


Salmon can have three textures: Raw as in sushi, fully cooked flaky like canned salmon, then there is Sous vide salmon. Salmon cooked at very low temperature has this amazing tender juicy creamy consistence. Very nice with crackling crispy skin.

Baked ribs with baked cauliflower

Roasted pork with roasted pepper

Sometimes, just too lazy to fry green tomatoes. Seasoned the slices and popped them in the waffle iron

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Oh wow,,,all looks great but I had to laugh at the waffle iron idea !! I had no you've done it. I am going to have to explore and see what else I can "waffle". Wonderful pics and I bet the food was great. c

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If these are your own photos you need to be working for a cooking magaine delicious yummmmm

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Everything looks good! I never thought about cooking green tomatoes in the waffle iron. I love the way they came out looking. I have a lot of green tomatoes so will have to try it. I wonder, would it work for eggplant, maybe summer squash. What other veggies are good grilled?

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You're driving me nuts! Again!

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I like the simple, clean aesthetic of your food styling here. The sous vide salmon looks amazing.

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Everything looks delicious DC! Personally, I would have liked a little more flake to the salmon, but that's me. The pork looks so good!

Like Clare, I wonder if other veggies could be grilled in the waffle iron. Great idea!

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The baked cauliflower and the "waffle ironed" green tomatoes look amazing.

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Oh and a big Wow! All the food looks amazing! I can taste all the way in my home.:) The green tomato idea is brilliant!
Cooking is probably the best way to spend a stormy weather.


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I too got a chuckle out of the waffled green tomatoes. It's a real DCism.


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Yum! What a way to kill time during a storm.

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me too Jim. That's my favorite. I couldn't figure out if the green powder was cornmeal of some sort, but then realized, it's probably tomato powder knowing dcarch.

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Is it Wasabi powder?

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Thank you very much all, your munificent comments cheer me up in the midst of these two devastating storms in the N.E.

I felt guilty that millions were out of power for many days, and many are still without power, yet I was cooking with my electric sous vide cooker and waffle iron.

I recognize the waffle iron fries green tomatoes was a silly idea, but it made sense to me that you can steam and fry two side at the same time, and also the iron's thermostat controls how much frying you want to have the tomatoes done.

Jasdip, the salmon idea came from the post "Are you watching NOVA" recently. Nathan Myhrvold, who is the author of the monuental $500.00 cookbook "Modernist Cuisine", sous vide cooks his amazingly delicious salmon at 115F. I made mine at 125F, slightly more flaky. With sous vide you can of course cook the salmon at any degree of flaky-ness everytime. But I will never again cook salmon at 212F.

Cooking allows me to explore, one of the challenges with sous vide salmon is how to make the skin crispy. Nathan Myhrvold makes his without the skin. I was able to make mine with very crispy skin without overcooking the fish, a technique I am trying to perfect.

Teresa, you are almost correct, The green powder is wasabi beans made into powder.


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