Three pics of Eli...

joanmnSeptember 9, 2007

he's 5 and just started kindergarten (where does time go?).

In August, Emma stayed with us a few days, then their mom (Julee) and Eli came up for a day so Eli could go fishing. We all went out in the pontoon and tried in several spots. He has gone to my brother's cabin for a couple of weekends and caught lots of fish. So he finally was so disgusted with fishing here that he crossed his arms and said "I quit fishing, usually when I go fishing, I catch fish".

It was getting late, and I took this picture of him as we were coming back, with the almost-setting sun hitting him.

When we got back, he and Grandpa decided to try fishing off the end of the dock.

I love this picture.

Success, at last! He didn't want to hold the fish at first, but Grandpa told him he didn't have to touch it.

Canon Digital Rebel XTi.

You know, one of the best things DH and I got out of marrying later in life, was each other's kids and grandkids.


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Oh...nice shots, Joan! that sun setting on the 1st one makes it look like he has red hair...That 2nd one is a treasure....


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awwwwwwww!!! love the story and the photos
i agree with you joanie, my dsd and the gkidlets are the bestest thing :o) just wish they weren't so far away

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That first photo is fantastic! They are all good, but #1 is special. The fish photo tells a great story. You can see by the look in his eyes he wants grandpa's praise for catching that fish;~)

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