Split Personality

greentfingerSeptember 13, 2008

A few winters ago while on the way to work after an intense ice storm I spotted this young Birch Tree split perfectly in half. The sun was just up and I don't know how long this beautiful act of nature could be observed. I am thankful I seen it and had my camera with me.

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That is amazing how it split right in half.......I love birch trees, one of mine finally died and needs taken down, but others live on!
Thanks for a great photo.

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Great picture! I'm glad you had your camera with you. I always see great things for taking a picture and I don't have my camera with me.

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marciasc: A friend of mine carries his camera everywhere now. He is in the towing business. A few years ago he got sued over damage to a car. Since then he takes a photo prior to doing anything at any incident where he is called. Saved him numerous bucks. The other day my son was coming back from work when he spotted a waterspout approaching the Skyway Bridge in St Petersburg. He had his camera with him, sold the photo to the St Petersburg Times that day. ALWAYS HAVE YOUR CAMERA AVAILABLE! One never knows what the next minute may bring. As the Boy Scout Mottoe says, BE PREPARED.

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Nice photo! Yep sirree...Never leave home without it...lol!

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