digital camera memory card problem

irislover7bSeptember 6, 2007

I have a Kodak DX4530. I think it's about 3 or 4 years old. I use an SD memory card. I normally take a few pictures, take out the memory card, put it in the computer to transfer them, then put it back in the camera. I take a few pictures just about every day. There's a lot of taking out and putting back in of the memory card. About a year ago when I'd turn on the camera, it said the memory card needed to be reformatted . So I clicked ok. It said it was reformatting, but it must not have, because the pictures were still on the memory card. And it would just show that same thing over and over, that it needed reformatting. I could turn the camera off, then back on, and sometimes it would work properly. I thought I had worn out the memory card so I bought another one, and it worked fine until recently. The camera started the "memory card needs reformatting" again. One thing that would help with the old card, was that I could use my fingernail to scrape the little gold sections some, and it would work better for a while. Then it got to where that didn't help, so I bought a new card a few days ago. I put it in the camera and got the same message about the memory card needing to be reformatted. I turned it off and then back on a few times, until it came on properly. I'm afraid I'll wear out the off/on thing if I keep doing that. If I've worn out the camera, and need to buy another one, I will. I just wondered if it was something that could be fixed. I've noticed the battery seems to run down quickly now, too. I didn't know if a declining battery would cause the other problem. I don't want to buy a new battery if the camera is worn out. Anything I can try before I go buy a new camera?

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Have you, when the camera is working properly, done the steps for formatting from the menu in the link below? Maybe you need to initiate the format and do a complete format on both the card and internal memory?
I don't have this camera, so I can't help much.
Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: DX4530 Zoom Digital Camera Manual

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Thanks! I'll try that tomorrow. I used it today, and part of the time it worked and part of the time it didn't. I went to Best Buy last night just to see what they had in digital cameras, and I was surprised at how cheap they are now. I paid about $400 for that one about 4 years ago, and the guy working there said the new ones for $150 will take a better picture.

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I use the USB for downloading my pics...After each download i format camera from the menu...Haven't had any problems...yet...knock on wood! But I was wondering if maybe you've tried the usb way? Don't know if that is much personal opinion I think that taking the card in and out would cause some overly use?...I really don't know if that is the case but just seems like it to me...I wish you luck, too!


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When you remove a memory card from a camera and put it into a reader, be very careful not to perform any operation that 'writes back' to the card. For example, you may have opened an image into photoshop or MicroSoft's photo viewer and made some minor adjustments. When you went to delete the image, the software asks, "Do you want to save?" If you answer, "Yes", the image gets written back to the card and this may spoil its propertiary format. When this happens, the only solution is to re-format the card and loose all images on it. You may have to, with the card in the camera, delete all images before it will re-format. If the card is so messed up that the camera's software will not touch it, try this: Put the card in the external card reader and delete all images, then see if the camera will re-format the card. Make sure there are no files ledt on the card set to 'read only'.

Scrapeing the gold plated contacts is not recommended for two reason: Typical gold plating for this kind of application is about 5 microms thick. Any thinner, and you would be able to see through the plating. Scratching it rubs through the plating and may carry embedded comtaminants to the contacts in the camera. The secomd problem is static discharge. Minute static charges impressed on the contacts can ruin the card. The best policy is do not touch the contacts.

By the way, I also use an external card reader to extract images from the card. I copy the images to a hard drive or other storage device and for the lack of a better term, call these my master copies. I do all my editing on copies from the 'master file', keeping the master copy intact and never witting back to it. Thus, if my edit gets messed up, I merely get another copy and play with it. You may want to consider setting the master copy to 'read only'.

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