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dockside_gwApril 19, 2010

We have a sweet cat, Heather, who is almost 14 years old. A week ago, my very stressed-out DH (who is in a lot of pain and needs to have hip replacement and got good/bad news that day from the doctor) and I were having a "heated discussion". DH's method in such discussions is to raise his voice (a lot) and talk constantly so I can't get a word in edgewise.

Anyway, I was sitting on the loveseat and Heather was laying by my side. When the discussion got rather heated, she got down off the loveseat, walked across the living room, jumped up on an end table next to the room divider on which DH was leaning while - shall I say it? - yelling. She put her front paws up on the divider and raised her right paw up and put it on DH's mouth. It couldn't have been clearer that she was telling him to "hush" (polite word used here).

I cracked up and, of course, that was the end of the "heated" discussion as DH couldn't keep it up without laughing also.

I wish I'd had a movie camera nearby. It would be on YouTube now.

I am totally in awe of Heather's ability to communicate without saying a word.

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Wonderful story, thanks for sharing.

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Aaaaw!!!! That's so cute! Hugs to Heather for 'keepin the peace!'!

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how funny, i can almost picture it!

fyi, i've had both hips replaced. they're 10 years old this year and still goin' a hundred! good luck to hubby if he has surgery!!

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Very funny! Smart kitty! She hates that yelling.

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That is so cute and smart! I have a cat that likes to sneak into the garage and my other cat alerts me when this happens. Makes me follow her to the garage door. I think cats understand more than we give them credit for, they just are not as expressive as dogs.

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Glad your DH found it funny as he should have. Sounds like a good guy at heart.

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