high key, over exposed, whatever...

lianneSeptember 6, 2007

attempting high key white-on-white but it just looks overexposed to me...have this frosted white vase and an off-white chiffon? scarf on white posterboard that i keep playing with

nikon d70

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forgot to mention i edited this to b/w and just resized and sharpened as i shot this in raw format, never shot in raw before and i must say the images sure look better than shootin' jpgs...now i have to get more mem cards so i can take more than 50 pics at a time ;o)

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I've yet to try raw, myself. What editing program do you use?
Maybe if you cranked up the contrast, it would look more high-key, you could play around and try other stuff, too, I guess. Pretty picture, though, as is.

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thanks joanie! i use psp8 and that was the other thing, i couldn't use it, when i opened the image it was thumbnail size, i could only see the full size in irfran

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I;'ve tried raw a few times but don't have the patience for the processing....

One thing I like to use alot in Irfan is the unsharp mask...I think it brings out a little more details...

I really like what you did here, It's beautiful! what kind of settings did you use?


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I really like it. The hard, shiny surface, and the soft gauzy drape. Monotone yet contrast. I would play with lightening filters just to see what effect could be had with a backlighting.

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