Another stoooopid pet owner neighbor

toomuchglassApril 2, 2010

I wish people like this would have a flashing neon sign that says "Not Pet-Worthy" . I'm speaking specifically of my neighbor. ggggrrrrrrr........... I just need to vent . They have a 6 year old black lab . They decided to mate him with another lab and get the pick of the litter. The pick of the litter is now 3 years old .

Both dogs are kept in the basement all day ( they both work ) when outside - they are in a small pen. ( 6 x 6 )

Last week - they gave the young one away bedcause "he was as dumb as a bucket of rocks" ( her words ) AND --- having 2 dogs shedding drove her crazy. HUH ?? I beg your pardon ?

** Neither dog is fixed - they do tend to sneak out and run away . They won't look for them - they wait for someone to call the number on their tag . Neither of them get paid any attention - thus - not dumb - just never trained. Shedding ? Of course 2 dogs are going to shed more than one . DUH. I could go on and on . Maybe I should be GLAD they gave the dog away - I'm sure he'll have a better home.

Thanks for letting me vent . In my world ... people can call me any terrible name they can think of. But if anyone ever called me "Not Pet Worthy " ... that would be the most hurtful insult I could ever get. Thank goodness all my dogs have a wonderful home. Everyone here is great -- AND -- pet worthy ! (( Hugs to all of you ))

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i feel your frustration. many years ago, i lived in a townhouse. neighbor was a bachelor, a real swingin' kinda guy...NEVER home.

he left his 2 black labs in a tiny fenced off area of his wooden deck. ALL the time, practically 24/7. he never cleaned up after them. the smell was so bad, we couldn't go outside for 30 seconds.

i called the health department numerous times. they came every time i called. eventually, they told him either clean up after the dogs or get rid of them. he opted for the latter. i don't know where the dogs went but wherever they ended up, even if it was a shelter, they were better off!

people suck!!!

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Boy, you are singing my song!!! I had a neighbor with a wonderful black lab. A real family dog, and they had a family full of kids but noooooo they preferred to keep him locked up in a chain link kennel in the backyard where he could see them when they came home or through the glass sliding door when they were home but ignoring him. He cried all the time, day and night. It was horrible. The wife once explained to me that the dog farted too much to be inside with them. I was speechless. The icing on the cake was when she started giving me advice on my apparently in perfect health dog that is socialized and well behaved, telling me about changes in diet I needed to consider (even though my dog doesn't have an ounce of fat on her). She must have grasped my displeasure so she told me very proudly that she worked at Petsmart and that her entire family volunteers at the local shelter and that they foster cats (had a house full of them). There was nothing I could say that would convince her that she knew nothing about caring for an animal. Not even that I spent 18 years working at a zoo.

I was so glad when they moved away.

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Clearly, another case of the wrong 'animal' needing to be neutered..... ;-)

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Here in Texas, the land of large, it seems that most people get a small yappy dog and don't train it. Then they get another small yappy dog to keep the first one "company" because the humans sure don't!
There ought to be an intelligence test for prospective pet owners, followed by a compassion test.

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