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bean_counter_z4September 25, 2007

What are you using? I have two old, heavy ones that have screw on camera mounts. Takes too long to set them up. Takes too long to attach the camera.

Do you have the quick attach camera mounts? Does anyone use a mono pod? Please share your knowledge.

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The quick release is a must for me, especially since it makes replacing the battery much faster.

I carry a windowpod which is another must. I can mount it quickly, it stays in my vehicle so I always have it, it is small, and if I don't like my angle, I just drive up a bit.

It's great for fireworks shows and lightning captures, or even when it's cold outside and you don't want to get out in it.

I have a couple of very heavy professional tripods but rarely use them. The tripod I use the most is the little $7 tripod from Walmart. It goes from a few inches up to about five feet, and is also easy to carry with me in the vehicle or on my bike or in a backpack.

It can also be used as a bipod or monopod.


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Kt, thanks for the response. I remember seeing one of those window mounts a few years ago. Thanks for reminding me, I need to find one since, like you, I do a lot of driving to get scenic shots.

Tell me about your quick release. I've never had one and don't know what pros and cons to look for. Which one do you use?

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I have two different length with quick release....1 from WM and a taller one-54inch bought from...I think a Ritz store for $20...They're cheapies but work for me...and got a mono but the balancing wasn't good...couldn't hold it still for a good shot...so I don't use that one...


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