Before Elements I would have deleted this photo

bean_counter_z4September 10, 2007

I'm having so much fun just playing around with this photo editing program. I took a scenic pix that came out hazy and dull. After a little photo-shopping it cleaned up nice and then a little more playing and colors were popping out everywhere. This won't ever be a really good photo but I'll use it now in scrapbooking instead of deleting it.

Original bad photo:

Cleaned up the colors look vibrant and the water reflects nicely:

Same photo but suddenly the colors look like autumn, the water looks deeper, dark and mysterious:

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It does look much better. I really like number 2.

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Big difference....Nicely done...


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I agree with Joan.

I like number two the best. A little to much red in the third photo. You can see it in the rock face.

Played a little with brightness and contrast.


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