Who makes gorgeous crackle subway tiles that look hand-made?

Fun2LearnMarch 26, 2011

I have been searching and searching for just the right tile for my backsplash, but I am not finding exactly what I want. Can any of you tell me who manufactures gorgeous, crackle-glazed subway tiles that look hand-made and aren't ridiculously expensive? (preferably under $20 a square foot, if possible). (I am assuming that an authentic hand-made tile would cost much more, but if you know of any that aren't too expensive, I'd love to know about those, too!)

I love the traditional, old- world, classic kind of look. I love tiles that have lots of variation in surface texture and in the glaze color. It does seem to be hard to get that glaze variation in the off-white color I am looking for; I have only seen that in the darker colors. Maybe an off-white tile with an overglaze of a slightly darker shade would give the look I am after? Does anyone know of a tile like that? I need a "biscuit", "cream", or "bone" type of color to blend with my light, creamy colored granite. I'd love to see photos of your tiles and backsplashes, if you have any.

Also, if anyone has any subway tile backpslashes with decos and/or borders/listellos, etc., I'd love to see them for ideas. I'd also love to see any examples of 2-tone subway tile backsplashes (where the border or decoratives are different colors than the field tiles). I've seen that done on some beautiful sample boards in various tile shops, but have never seen it in real life. Thanks so much.

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Try Jeffrey Court Irish Ice--I was quoted 17/sq foot from a tile shop. I have been looking at crackle tile for a while and that one seems to have the shading variations you describe, but not the surface texture. I would say the surface is more even--maybe someone else can chime in here. Two kitchens I know of on garden web that have the JC are cpartist and waltbc.

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Artistic abode tile may have something that will work

Here is a link that might be useful: Artistic Abode Tile

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walker zanger has some nice ones but they are not cheap. i am going with horus tiffany crackle in bianco at ~7-8SF. not hand made but does have the nice crackle effect. keep in mind if you go hand made the grout lines will likely need to be wider. that may not be an issue but you should be aware of that up front.

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Grazia Rixi

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Walker Zanger has some surprising prices if you find discontinued/closeouts that you like. I got some gorgeous WZ Mizu crackle, which seems to fit all of the OP's criteria for surface and glaze variation (though it's a 2x5 and not a true subway tile). And it was on closeout for $14 or so. I know the Mizu line has an off-white. I think they call it Pearl. If it's still available, you might like it.

Walker Zanger Mizu tile

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I used Emser Cape Cod Cream Artisan crackle tile and I am very happy with it. It's handmade, wavy surface, uneven edges. I got quoted $25/ft in local stores but found a place in Florida (online) that I paid around $14/ft for it.

Sorry, these photos are a low quality.

You can look on Emser's site for a couple other colors. I looked at several others and liked these the best.

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Thanks everyone for your help. This is such a fantastic web-group.
elle- I love the Jeffrey Court Ice--I will have to find a dealer and check it out.
clweed-the artistic abode tiles look interesting- I will have to check them out as well.
ellendi- I have looked at Grazi's tiles, but couldn't find a color that seemed to work well. I do like the tile, though, very much.
sas95 & babushka cat--I hadn't heard of Walker Zanger- thanks for the tip. The Pearl Mizu tile looks gorgeous- I will have to find a dealer.
adh673- that emser tile is gorgeous,I'll have to check that out, too! It looks so beautiful with your granite. Is that a bianco romano granite?

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We just installed the JC Irish Ice subway in the limerick color (link to progress pictures below - sorry for the poor picture quality). We paid about $15/sq.ft. for the subway tile and about double that for the "special" pieces (trim and 2x2 medley). You may also want to check Adex USA, they have a crackle subway in several creamy colors. I called their main office in FL for a list of dealers and they were very nice. I think that tile would have been under $10/sq ft., but I was looking for green and preferred the green that JC offered over the Adex green.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeffrey Court Irish Ice / Limerick Backsplash

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Fun2Learn, I just ordered handmade off-white subway tiles for my backsplash, and they were well under $20 per sq ft. They are not crackled, so they may not be what you're looking for, but we were thrilled with them. They are a matte finish, which was the important factor for me, and they have a lot of variation. In case a non-crackle off-white subway is of interest, these are Seneca "satin" tiles in Lambswool. I should have pics in another couple of weeks, after they're installed.

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Kimba, your tile is gorgeous. I have had a teeny sample of the Irish Ice tipperary on my counter for weeks, but it doesn't have the shading that I love so much.

I also love the Emser, but have not seen that company in any of the stores I have visited. Love the wavy edges :)

Back to the OP, I have seen the Rixi as someone suggested and it is also beautiful. And less expensive :) If you google (images) grazia rixi crema or mandoorla you will see some gardenweb kitchens with this tile.

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I never saw the emser in local stores either, I sent them an email and they sent me free samples. They have a cream and brown overglaze one I also considered and still wonder how it would have looked.

here again is the ivory

I had tried to get a pic of the wavy surface but I dont think it really worked.

My granite is western sage brush.

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Thank you elle3! IRL there is a good bit of shading / variation on each tile and especially across the whole field (that definitely did not come across in my lousy photos)
I loved the tipperary color (which sat on my counter for some time), and thought it blended better with my granite than the limerick, but did not blend as well with the cabinets.

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Fun2learn, I looked at the adex hampton crackled tile as mentioned by Kimba and they have it in a beveled version, which is also very pretty.
Kimba, I'm looking forward to seeing your tile grouted. The mosaic is a perfect companion to the tipperary.
Adh673, the tile you chose looks fabulous--and the pic of the wavy surface is great. I love the one with the brown glaze too--
There is another tile I saw while searching the web last night called merola cobbled subway with crackle glaze. It's on the home depot website of all places. It's pricey at $18 a sq. foot.

Here is a link that might be useful: merola cobbled subway

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I am so glad that I posted the question here--you all have found some gorgeous tiles that look like they might be just what I wanted!!! Your emser tile is very nice, adh--I love the one with the overglaze!!!My cabinets are honey-spice maple so I wonder if the warmer over-glaze would help tie it in to the tones of the cabinet and not look so stark in contrast. The Jeffrey court is gorgeous-too. I will have to check out the color in person. The merola looks gorgeous, too. I wonder if Home Depot takes returns on special orders- so I could order a little as a sample?
I notice that most of the pics I see with subway tiles have white or off-white cabinets. Mine are honey spice. Do you think it will look as nice with them? Maybe I should post another thread asking for photos!

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Has anyone used the glazed tile in a shower or bathroom wall? Considering it for my master with ocean blue honed travertine floor. The tile I was looking at is Irish ice wexford crackle tile.

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We're using Grazia Listelli in Laguna. They also have a white and cream color available. The shape is a little more modern than a traditional subway in that its 2.5" X 10". But they look great to me. The price is well under your $20/sq ft. goal!

Close Up


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Adh - if you were happy with them, could you please post the place you got your tile from? I love the look of their green version of the crackle. I may have to return my already bought tiles to HD ;)....

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Wow. While browsing this thread I didn't see a single tile I didn't like. They are all gorgeous. adh, your granite and tile combination is so pretty. Zacs daddy, you must be so happy with the way your kitchen is coming together. Love the green tile.

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Does anyone know where to set a sample of the Grazia Rixi? I love it, but cannot find out where to request a sample.

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@brianadarnell - I don't know where you are, but Floorcraft in San Francisco carries it. I think Tile Shop in Berkeley also does.

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ZACSDADDY, thank you! I'm in Maryland...right between Baltimore and Washington DC.

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Here's a place... haven't ordered from them but found them googling.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grazia Rixi

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Just received shipment of Grazia Rixi from Italian Tile in New York and was happy to work with Peter Valerio who was very patient to work with as I figured out exactly how much and what colors I needed. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Grazia Rixi

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I am also looking at Rixi tiles for my backsplash. Best Tile in Rockville, MD has the Rixi. They has just promised to send me some samples by mail.

Here is a link that might be useful: Best Tile

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Echen- That is great! I called Peter (referenced above), but have not heard back. Rockville is close enough that I could even go there! Thank you!!!

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I, too, used Garcia Rixi tile for my backsplash. I used the Crema color and am very pleased with how it came out. The tile is not crackled as much as some of the ones above, and may not look hand-made enough for the OP, but it is a beautiful tile and not as expensive as some of the ones mentioned. The extra little trim pieces, however, do add quite a bit to the cost.
From Backsplash

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Hi. I am the Original poster of this thread from back in March, and was surprised, and happy, to see it "resurrected recently!. I also live in Maryland, like Briannadarnell and wanted to let her, and others living near her, know of another great tile shop in her area, Atlas Tile and Marble in Arnold (just south of Severna Park), that also carries Grazia tiles and is very good about ordering samples for you. They have a very large selection of tiles and very helpful sales staff (though I hear it is very crowded on Saturdays!) Hope this helps.

By the way-- I STILL haven't quite decided on my backsplash tiles! I am waiting on a few samples to come in, and I am also considering an unusual type of natural marble , called biancone (or also called bianco antico marble- (not the granite)or perlino biancone). It is the perfect color in the tumbled version to blend with my granite (a very slight off-white with minimal veining), but it is so unusual, I am having trouble locating it in the sizes I want. I actually had asked here on this forum if anyone had ever used it and got zero response! So I think sticking with a crackle subway will be the "safer choice", so I will probably go with that.

Since revisiting these posts, I realized that I never did get a sample of that beautiful Emser tile. I have seen a sample of the Adex Hampton crackle tile and their "bone" color is also a good match. It comes in both 3 x6 and 2 x 8- so if I go with theirs I will have trouble deciding what size to go with!!! Decisions, decisions!

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I have alabaster white kitchen cabinets with ubba tuba granite counters. I need help chosing a complimentary backsplash tile. I really like subway tile,but can't seem to decide on one. I like the crackle handmade tiles, but the one I liked is going to cost me $2880 to tile my backsplash. I think thats alot for a backsplash. Help

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A pic of my backsplash so far with Senio handmade tile.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I can supply crackle subway tile in China in very competitive price in China. I also can arrange sending goods to your door. The price is range of $3/sf to $12/sf based on different color and quantity. Please send me your specific requirement for quote.

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Niki Friedman

Hi- I know that this thread is from forever ago but I'm trying to find this tile! According to the post above, it's made by emser but I couldn't find it on their site. There is a crackled one on their site but I'm looking for smooth.


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Crackle tile with handmade look without the high cost?

I wanted to just throw in my own 2 cents after a lengthy search for the perfect crackle tile for us......
We wanted to stay neutral since we will be moving in 1 year with luck....so white was going to be the choice even though I was almost swayed buy Waterworks crackle tiles in the most gorgeous ICEBERG (pale aqua) I had ever seen....I talked myself out of it due to cost....still it makes me dream of one day.....and the possibility..lol.
If anyone is considering the crackle tiles to go with white cabinets and is looking for a budget friendly option, I would love to share my final choice after a long lengthy search process.
My main criteria was price point, it has to look great and honestly don't forget the tone of the white. I needed a white that would go with my Dove White Durham Kraftmaid cabinets.
By the way...If you are considering Kraftmaid from Lowes ask when the biggest promotions will be held. We waited for half off the finish of the cabinets, along with discounts from Lowes for buying more than 10 cabinets with a tiered discount. We did fantastic with almost 3 grand in discounts!!!
Anyway....sorry....back to the tile....it is amazing how long it takes to contact stores and online places to send samples....too long, and some of them you have to purchase. But after spending countless hours, I hope to save at least one of you from this time and energy waste if you are on the fence about looks, color and cost....
I went with COBSA CRACKLE in White. My "go to" guy from now on is VINCENT at Virginia Tile and Stone in Charlottesville VA. Even if I move honestly he is AMAZING!! 434-817-8453. Tell him I sent you!
Even if you are going with another brand of tile, give him a call and see what he can do....they have a HUGE BASE OF SUPPLIERS!
I want to show you the 3 last contenders and my ultimate final choice...
Top tile is Horus Art Cristalli with finer crazing and handmade look.
Middle is Horus Art Tiffany with larger crazing straight edges and great pricing.
Bottom tile is my pick a no brainer Cobsa Crackle White hand made look.

The Cobsa tended to look more white to me than the tiffany and the handmade look is just the right Euro look I wanted....
My only word of caution is to have your tile shipped by LTL shipping rather than ups or fed-ex due to the nature of the product you just don't want broken tiles....
I hope you find the tile right for you.....and hopefully this helped a little....
Happy Hunting...

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Niki Friedman

Thank you so so so much atelierdefleurs! I've emailed your contact about the cobsa. Coincidentally, I have a sample of a 3x6 cobsa from a local store and I absolutely love it. I believe I was quoted $12/SQft. Hoping to do a bit better on it.

I'm going to order samples of the Horus Cristalli from tilesdirect.net

Their prices seem almost too good to be true at 8.50/SQ ft. Is the Cristalli a smooth gloss finish with uneven edges? That's basically what I'm looking for. It's hard to tell in the picture.

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Dear Viennamommy19,
I am so glad this info contact info might be of help!
Vincent is one guy that is on the ball...sharp as a tack!
As to your question about the Cristalli, I can say it's smoother than the Cobsa, but not at all smooth as glass, like the Horus Tiffany. The Tiffany has very smooth sides and level on the top like glass.
As pretty as the Cristalli is, I cannot see the crackle in the tile from more than
2 feet away....too fine a crackle.
The Tiffany is very beautiful especially for the crazy good price at buytile.com.
The price I was given by Vincent was so good it was an easy yes, but I trully love the wave edge and irregular top glaze because it just has a great look to it..? Handmade euro flair...
Remember to factor in shipping charges by freight....it varies by company.
I was thrilled with Virginia Tile and Stone.....
Now onto granite....gulp?
If I can help just ask......

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Niki Friedman

Hoping his price on cobsa is good enough that I can spring for it. I'm only a few hours from Charlottesville and I offered to pickup in store if that helped my rate but it makes sense that it's all coming from the manufacturer elsewhere.

This whole process isn't nearly as fun as I thought it would be. So stressful!!

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Honestly his price was SO good, I scrambled to get the payment to him like yesterday! Not kidding!
Yes the tile came right from COBSA....fast too...!
If you really want the cost low, a ride might be nice this time of year....? But it might be just as low to get it to your door?
This process for tile is a piece of cake compared to cabinets....gosh I do believe the granite will finish me off for sure, laughing....
Let me know how you make out.....are your cabinets white?

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Niki Friedman

Cabinets are soft white Shiloh and we're doing either Montclair danby or cararra on the island. Might do absolute black honed on the perimeter- depends on costs.

I'm mixing a lot of whites and creams in my kitchen so not concerned about everything matching per say. If we do Carerra all around, I'll prob go with a whiter tile. If we do the danby and absolute black ill choose something a bit creamer but not much.

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You sound like your taste is about the same as mine! Very classic and timeless....Glass upper cabinets and solid lowers. Pendant lights....Dark cherry oak floors... (very red tones) Chrome bin pulls both large 6" and small mixed. I figure if I go on a color tantrum it will be in the form of glassware, towels runners etc. until I get over it lol.
Did you have all of these samples? Let me know...or I can take a better pic outside today?

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Niki Friedman

I ordered a bunch of the horus tiles today. Still debating as I found a brick veneer for $10/SQ ft that will give us the rustic look DH wants. Ugh. This backsplash is harder than anything else!!!

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Oh noooo brick veneer?
Gosh I am feeling for you, uh is right!
Maybe they are making it look more realistic these days?

Does your hubby like the rustic flavor of the Cobsa?
Did you have white or cream in your ssmple?
If you want to see the white let me know.....I can send you one ok?

I think I might have told him the brick was too expensive lol......

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Niki Friedman

Never heard from Vincent by the way (I emailed). Will have to call tomorrow. I have the white cobsa sample but would love to see off white. DH thinks it's "ok". He's really not a fan of subways but I think he'd tolerate the cobsa or one of the horus options.

We're looking at real brick- it's really beautiful actually. http://www.inglenooktile.com

We're ordering a sample of a distressed red and black brick with an antiqued white surface. I think it would pickup the black on the island cabinetry and the red accents in our adjacent family room beautifully. We shall see;)

I'm torn between the two looks because I really want the marble to be the star in the room but the brick is such an interesting idea because it ties everything together without trying too hard. Make sense?

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Well...I think if you want the marble to be the star then the brick might be too much on the eyes...? I have a huge double sided fireplace in the same "great" room and painted it white to tone it down.....we blew out a wall and now it's one large room with a 93" reclaimed wood farm table. I figured the stove and granite and glass upper cabinets is enough on the eyes. I would like a rustic mantle thougn? laughing.....
But then again maybe your idea of the white washed brick could work? Is it possible to buy a couple sq.ft. to try it out for a week or two?
I must say if you went with the Tiffany it is pretty glittery with lights hitting it.
The rustic nature of the Cobsa had me at first sight.....I was a gonner ......
Follow your heart..... ; v)

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PS.....Vincent might be on vacation I don't know....he was on top of my emails......Give a call.....he is very nice.
I only have white sadly....sorry....

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Niki Friedman

Maybe the brick is too distracting from the marble. DH thinks it's too boring having so much white. I think it's going to be classic! I ordered a bunch of horus tiles- can't wait to get them!!!

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Let hubby pick some colorful completor items to go with your "classic" kitchen...
AKA you will most likely need a floor runner or two, and some new hand towels and oven mitts....hee hee those will wear out hopefully ; v>
Then you can replace those...it's a win win right?
Make sure to take him to a cool store though....laughing....keeping the damage tolerable!
This is actually the best way to change it up anyway....I always go thru color

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Niki Friedman

Hi Atelier! The horus samples arrived today!! Wow are they gorgeous!!! Both DH and I loved the cristalli the most. Love the uneven lines and the gorgeous crackle. Unfortunately, the lightest of the whites isn't white enough. It's practically identical to my soft white shiloh cabinets, and i dont expect that will change even when they are up on the walls.

I think we will likely go with the Horus broadway in latte. The color is perfect. Will still have to track down a Cobsa in a soft white but I think it will be hard to beat $7.50/sq ft

Any other suggestions to check out? Cannot thank you enough for your help!!!

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Well Viennamommy19 what did you go with???
Or are you still on the fence?
I know how hard it is to pick one tile that speaks to you....it just about made me nutso!
Honestly there are so many that are gorgeous....makes it harder!
I hope you found your true love or at least a happy medium....let us know will you?
Did you get in touch with Vincent and if so, did you find anything you liked?
Best of luck on your search!

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Niki Friedman

Hi! We start demo in 2 weeks so I don't have to decide for some time. Almost certainly going with the Horus broadway. The color is exactly what I wanted.

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I had samples of the Horus Art Broadway and it is sooooo nice, expensive look to it, and my second choice but the color not as good a match as a Jeffery Court tile I ended up with.

Good luck and be sure and post a picture of the Broadway, or whatever you choose.

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Niki Friedman

I'd love to see your tile, Tinker! I'm surprised to see that shipping 48sq ft of tile is $200!!! I'm going to give Vincent a call tomorrow to see if the Cobsa is cheaper. I prefer the warmer color of the Horus Broadway but budget is critical at this point!

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Viennamommy, try tiledirect.net for a price on the Broadway tile.

I will post a pic of my JC Vintage Studio tile but I am sure you must have seen some of my posts.

Also, see the link to the same tile in 3 x 12 in this gorgeous reveal annetta. (hope she doesn't mind me linking it but sooooo pretty in her new kitchen!)

Here is a link that might be useful: Jeffrey Court Vintage Studio- Antique Lace 3 x 12

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Sorry, website is tileSdirect.net.

Here is the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: tiles direct dot net - Horus Art Broadway

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adh673-can't figure out how to email you but on the off chance you see this, can you let me know if you think that emser cape cod would look okay with white shaker cabinets and white marble? I can't tell from your picture how white youre cabinets are. Mine are white. Love the tile (I have a sample in hand) but wonder how it'll look up against white. Thanks!

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Brian- if you are near me, I have lots of extras - otherwise, I snagged mine from the tile shop in Ca.

I live in SE michigan

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Klcharles- it will look cream. My cabinets are "soft white" - pretty much light cream and it matches the tile exactly. They did have a white- or someone did but I didn't like it because you could see the clay color underneath in spots. Maybe a soft gray would work for you? Post a photo!

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