Bunkbed for girls room

kam76March 7, 2014

My girls really want to share a room (they don't have to) and have asked for bunk beds so I have been on the search. I love vintage styling and this bed really spoke to me. I think it is gorgeous and would stand the test of time, i.e. when they don't have to share a room the twins would look lovely separate in their own room. I just can't find any reviews on this product and I want to make sure I am getting something of good quality. Are any of you familiar with this brand Bellamy?

I see it on other sites for $1299, so this looks like a good deal but I have never bought from Joss and Main and have heard that it can be crazy shipping.

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It's a little hard to see the picture online; do they match exactly when separated?

One comment; usually you get extra finials to use the beds separately. Tape them to the underside of the bed so you can find them when the time comes (ask me how i know).

I would say that most bunk beds are pretty junky, and the price point you list is fairly typical. I can see why you like the style! You many want to also look at CL, it is something often sold used when kids get too big for them. I had a friend who bought kids bunks off CL, then had them painted decoratively and they are gorgeous and one of a kind.

Isn't that nice they want to be together! My girls have always done the same thing; they take turns sleeping in each other's rooms.

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I went to a site that sells them and it appears that they do match when separated. The rounded piece on the end and the finals for the bottom bunk must be separate units. Great tip to tape them to the bottom! My husband always gets annoyed with me when I slow him down by putting the screws from something we take apart in a plastic bag and tape it to the unit. He is never annoyed when he goes to put it together again!

I actually found an antique spindle bed like this on craigslist and was thinking about it. It is a full though and only one. The girls really want bunks, the ones I have seen in my search have all been very generic looking. I know how CL is though and I am an avid lurker. Frankly bunks make me a little nervous so I want to be sure they are structurally sound. At least with something like this (or this type of bunk) I could make them use them as separate twins if I was nervous about it. They would not be happy of course. My girls are almost 8 and 4. I thought the age difference would make them not want anything to do with each other but they love sleeping in the same room and do it 60% of the time now anyway...sneak into each other's room in the middle of the night and we find them cuddled up together in the morning.

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I'm no design expert and don't know about the brand, but I like that bunk bed. I really just wanted to post to say that the fact that your girls are so close is just adorable. I got a little verklempt reading your last post.

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I love the photo of them apart! Actually, other than the fact that they are cast iron, they are almost the same as the pair DD2 has in her room. Twin beds in a set look so sweet IMHO, only thing cuter is three lined up!

I would get them the bunks.esp since they looks so nice apart, too. It's something almost every kid wants, and they are fun.

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Those really are pretty, especially for bunk beds! I love the spindle look. My daughter's crib is Jenny Lind style and it is so classic. I hope to get twins when the time comes. Go for it!

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Wow, those are adorable beds / bunk bed! I also think that's really amazing and sweet that your girls like to share a room and sneak into each others at night to be together. Out of curiosity, do you think the bunk beds will do the trick if they like snuggling? (I'm not a parent, so I may not know what I'm talking about.) Would they be happier sharing something like that antique double bed you found?

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My daughters are twins, who didn't want their own room either, bunk beds was the solution . Like you I tried talking them into having their own room. Initially both only wanted the top, before we took apart and made them into 2 twin beds neither wanted the top, they were 12 then. I have a friend who knocked down a wall to accomadate 2 twin beds in one larger room, and when her twins were 12 she put back the wall. How old are your twins? Bunk beds are safe, but hard on the back to change the sheets of.

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Lol well my 4 year old is still in a toddler bed and my 8 year old will cram herself in there with her some nights so I am sure the twin would feel like tons of space!

Glad to hear you guys think they look nice. Sometimes I don't trust myself, it is good to get confirmation.

Now just to convince DH that this is "the one". He doesn't like big purchases where he can't see the item. I am kinda with him on that- it is so hard to purchase furniture on line but it seems like that is the way these days.

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My friend had bank beds for her daughters. But, neither wanted the top, so they alternated every six months.
In your case, each might want the top bunk. Just a thought.

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I think the foot board from one becomes the head board for the other when they are separated.

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Holly- Kay

Ooooooh, I love them. I have always loved a Jenny Lind style and they are exceptionally pretty.

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You are so smart Dody40 I think you are right! I had not even noticed that.

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I can't see what those dark spots /holes are in all the corner supports, but I would get wood plugs to fill those holes and paint them white to match the beds or even colors that match the room decor. Love the Jenny Lind style!

Our older son had bunk beds when he was young. They were Danish (long before ikea came to the US) and quite low--- not one bed stacked on top of the other, but a single unit. It was easy to lift a sleeping child out of the top bunk as it came up to mid chest height on me (I am 5'7") and very easy to make the higher bed. I didn't worry too much about him falling off the top bunk. The ones you picture look so much higher! I don't think I would be comfortable with a four year old up there.

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What a great idea! But I hope it's safe to make one bunk bed from two separate standard beds? I think it's well thought anyway - you know how fast kids can change their minds. It will take a little work, but when girls will decide that they don't like bunk beds anymore, it's possible to solve the problem. But what to do with the ladder? :D

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When my boy's no longer used the ladder I hung quilts from it.
Not my pic...........

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I did buy the bed! It is supposed to be delivered today. So excited. The girls can't wait.

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I had a Jenny Lind crib for DD #2 and also used it for DD #3, wayyyy back in 1970/1977. I wish I would have kept it and used it as a small daybed, by simply removing the sides, and stabilizing the frame. Hindsight is always 20/20.

Hold on to those beds when DD's outgrow them! ;)

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kam, can't wait to see pics!!

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Kam76 I am looking at these bunk beds from Joss and Main also...can you tell me how you have found the quality and how they have gone sleeping in them? My 3 yr old twins are needing twin beds soon but they want to sleep together and the room doesn't have room for anything other than bunks ...would love to hear how you have found these!!!

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We are moving into our new house on June 1st so I wish I could tell you fpmom. They did arrive when stated and were delivered by a special trucking company that called and made an appointment. We opened the boxes to see if everything what there and appeared in order. It all seemed okay. I am nervous about not setting them up right away but we are staying with my parents and there is no room in this house to even try. I will let you all know how it goes once we get them set up.

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