How do I kill ants without killing dogs?

peabody1April 10, 2010

We have an enclosed patio. There is a section that has gravel for the dogs to do their business. The rest is concrete. This is our solution to a fenced in yard. Our problem is that I have noticed ants coming and going from the gravel along where the house meets the patio. We need to know what we can do to kill these ants. Our other problem being that our dogs are obsessive lickers. They constantly lick the concrete and also they sometimes dig in the gravel and eat sand if they smell a worm or whatever. How can we kill the ants and not the dogs?

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Not sure. But eating ants won't kill the dog. Poison may.

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You can look around for the ant hills and pour boiling water on them. Also, I've read about a product called diatomaceous earth that is supposed to kill all sorts of insects and is safe for humans and pets. I've never tried it before, but if you google it there's a lot of information. Here's a link to a site that sells it:

Here is a link that might be useful: diatomaceous earth

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Grits or cornmeal will kill ants, it seems they can't digest it? Just sprinkle it around the areas where the ants are most prevalent. Most ants I've had contact with will eat the corn (and disappear quickly), but I'm told that not all are corn eaters- it might be worth a shot though.

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We do what Deb18 said, we find the ant hills and flood them with boiling water.

I have also heard/read that if you spray the ants' pathway with undiluted vinegar it will stop them, but have not actually tried that, since the boiling water does the trick for us.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Grits or cornmeal does not kill ants at all, but may either attract them or make them move away.

You can use something outside the area where the dogs are to bait the ants. Granulated ant BAITS are very successful at getting rid of problem ants. It's also important to pick up after the dogs on a daily basis so that the ants won't be coming in after the poo.

Do you know what kind of ants they are?

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Diatomaceous Earth will kill all kinds of bugs and is perfectly safe for humans and pets. It is also called fossil flour. We used to use it for the chickens to kill mites - put piles of it around for dusting beds. We use it for ants (can even sprinkle it on counter tops). Works for roaches and bedbugs but fortunately haven't had to test it for those.

Also good for pets - ear mites and fleas/ticks. Can be given in pet food for internal pests such as worms.

Buy only 'food grade DE', not the stuff they sell for pools.

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