adding larger mouldings to Ikea cabinets

MardoMarch 7, 2012

If I can't afford to do custom cabinets beyond the kitchen, main bath and ensuite I'm considering putting Ikea cabinets in laundry, mudroom and possibly MBR walk in closet. The entire house has 10'6"-11' ceilings and we will have large 8-10" crown mouldings with the custom cabinets areas. My concern with Ikea cabinets is that their crown mouldings are so plain and puny (4" maybe). I'd still like to maintain a sense of grandeur/style with large mouldings across all the cabinetry throughout the house but don't know the best way to accomplish this with Ikea cabinets. Ikea cabinets are excellent quality with remarkable warranty so I don't want to take them off the short list. Is there a way to add larger crown mouldings of my own choosing to match Ikea cabinets?

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it's going to depend on what door finish you choose. For most of the stained doors, it is possible to find or mix a stain to match for the moldings. For the painted or therm foil doors, it would be a matter of having the trim paint mixed to match the doors.

keep in mind that ikea cabs are frameless, and the door sits in front of the cabinet box. So to apply molding, there will have to be a block put on top of the cabinet and the molding applied so that it starts flush above the cabinet doors rather than above the cabinet box.

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For stat, applad, or lidi, most people recommend Benjamin Moore's Simply White in semigloss as the best match, although one or two prefer BM Decorator White.

People have also made some pretty impressive moldings by stacking the ikea crown. A search over at ikeafans will show some examples.

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Sorry, I should have specified I meant the deco strip. Here's a simple example made from deco:

And here's an adel medium brown with more traditional crown made from other molding stained to match (sorry the pic is so big):

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@writersblock - that's a great idea to stack the moulding. I never thought of that! In the pic you posted are those ikea cabinets?

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Yes, both of those are examples from the ikeafans website. I think that the crown in the second photo would probably have come out smoother if a wood conditioner like Benite or the one from minwax had been used before the stain.

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