other than clavamox

luvdogsApril 1, 2010

My cat is scheduled for a vet visit next thursday (a week from now). She's had a URI for at least 9 days and i've been giving her Clavamox but i know that it's a virus and the antibacterial effect is ancillary to the main problem.

What other antibiotics are given if Clavamox doesn't work?

I know that URI's can be caused by different agents - how would a vet find out what the exact virus is? Blood draw?

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Most viral diagnoses are made from clinical signs. But other things can cause URI signs especially fungal infections and cancer. Most cats get over their URIs well faster than 9 days if it's viral, so I'd be worried about those 2 things. Depending on PE results and history I might do a nasal swab or blood draw or both. But that totally depends. Since there is nothing you can do about a virus I don't spend a lot of time or money trying to figure out which one it is, save FeLV and FIV. If FeLV or FIV are involved then I get very gloom and doom.

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thanks - that makes things clearer.

I'm so curious as to what the vet says and what she'll recommend when i tell her that clavamox hasn't helped it seems. This cat definitely has congestion in her head although she has no obvious signs of a URI.

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If FeLV or FIV are involved then I get very gloom and doom.

Just out of curiosity (and as an owner of a FIV+ cat), what do you mean by that?

Thanks :)

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My aunt always used a vaporizer when her Persians got upper respiratory infections.

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yes, sylvia, i had read on the web about that. Also, a way to dispense medications - through vapor.

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