Help picking the right white for cabinets.

IRuehlMarch 11, 2012

I am in a pickle. I have been looking for a good shade of white for my kitchen cabinets for a little bit now, and just don't know where to turn. I don't want anything with a yellowish undertone, but more of a 'soft' white so it is not stark. I have a few pictures on my blog that i am going to link so you can see what my kitchen looks like, as well as the new counter tops going in soon. The wall color is 'Koala Bear' by behr. The floors are going to be replaced too, but not just yet. but they will be a darker color than they are now. I am also thinking I want Oil Rubbed Bronze knobs and pulls.

Well, if you have any suggestions for a nice soft white color for them, please share. Thank you guys!

Here is a link that might be useful: Pictures of kitchen

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I wanted the same thing and a color expert on the paint forum told me to get Aura sparkling wine. I thought it sounded like an odd name for a soft neutral white but I bought a sample and loved it. I would recommend it. I used the semi gloss, we actually did them ourselves. We used a good primer (two coats) and two of the paint. It's been three years and they still look perfect.

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Thank you! I will be looking into that!

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Take a look at BM white dove. It is my favorite soft white! No yellow at all just a non glaring white.

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Here it is on my staircase(it is on all the trim in my home).

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Wow that is nice! Going to have to get the paint samples!

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Another popular choice is BM Cloud White...a nice, creamy white. Also check out BM Simply White.

Dawn-the White Dove looks wonderful on your staircase!

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Has anyone used BM's 30$ a gallon paint? I cant get the husband to spend 65$ for a gallon. :(

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We used BM Chantilly Lace which is also a very nice, crisp white. We used the Satin Impervo waterborne, so the lesser price. Very happy with the quality. Some people really like the oil-based, but that does require a little more skill to apply. You also have to worry about ventilation.

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