A Happy Ending

kitasmommieApril 17, 2011

This past Wednesday, a man stopped - while we were out in the front yard - to ask if we had seen his two dogs that had escaped. No - we didn't.

About 15 minutes after he left, they were in our front yard. My husband & a neighbor searched the neighbohood for this man - but couldn't find him.

We put the dogs in our fenced back yard & I started making phone calls. Called the shelter & the local vet. Posted on Craig's list, posted on PET911 and called the phone number on the tag for the micro chip service - only one dog had a tag - (they were very rude - told me they couldn't help me as the number wasn't registered). Then I took pictures & starting putting up signs.

Wednesday turned into Thursday, the into Friday......nothing.

We had a couple of doghouses in the back yard that are no longer used. Cleaned them up - put in bedding (which the dogs hauled out & shredded all over the back yard). replaced that with some pine bedding, but they stayed out in the rain.

I was very concerned......what if we don't find the owners? We can't keep them - already have two dogs and I refuse to the surrender them to the shelter.....

Finally, Saturday morning, the owners contacted the shelter & they were able to hook up with us & th kids got to go home.

I was so glad...so were the owners. They were pleased that someone like us took them in - fed them, took care of them, played with them. He tried to give us a reward, but we declined.

My reward was seeing them go home with Mom & Dad.

Next time someone is looking for their dog - I will definitely get a phone number.

Also made me realize how important it is to make sure my dogs tags are in place......both need to be replaced.

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It's always great to hear a happy story. Thanks for sharing ...and thanks for for keeping them safe.

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Thanks for the good advice -- I'm very glad you helped them get back home safe and sound!

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Great to hear a happy ending - seems to be too many lost dogs with no tags or chips recently.

My neighbor picked up 2 dogs wandering down our rural road, turns out they belong to someone a couple miles down the road but it took a good 24+ hours of contacting animal control, etc. to find the owners.

And a friend just emailed from Atlanta that he found a dog over the weekend wandering with no collar, chip or tags. I told him to post on Craigslist and put up posters.

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Tags are SO important!! I just changed my phone number and am in the process of ordering all new tags.

I like Boomerangtags.com - good quality stainless steel tags.

Check them out. about 8.00 per tag but worth it.

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spedigrees z4VT

Thank you for helping to reunite these owners with their lost dogs, and for providing the lost ones with food and shelter and kindness. I love a pet story with a happy ending!

I agree, luvdogs, nothing is so important as tags! My collie who panicked during a thunderstorm, and my little sheltie who several times figured out a way to escape through the closed gate were both returned to me within 30 minutes thanks to the info on their tags.

I too am a big fan of boomerang tags. Their stainless steel tags last the lifetime of a dog and they are engraved deeply. I put as much info as I can on my dogs' tags (address, phone, cell phone, email, etc) and boomerang tags are engravable on both sides, so it all fits.

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