Big pic-3/4ths of garden... and clickables!

juanitalSeptember 12, 2007

Made minor adjustments....I don't usually post this big...but was so excited how these turned out...had hard time deciding which one to show in the big one...Hope D-U don't mind...


Olympus SP-510UZ

Around 8am

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Juanita, those are really nice photos. I love your garden. The cosmos with the hazy background is a great shot. (Next year I going to try some of those old fashioned annuals in my garden.)

What's the tall plant with reddish leaves in the last photo?

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Thanks Bean...It was just breathtaking that morning with the sun coming down and thru, all dewy, and foggy...I was surprised they turned out...I didn't know if it had anything to do with lowering the image quality or shutter priority mode which I have been practicing alot with...I've tried to capture these kind pics before and always looked unreal bluish mist-fog...anyhow...

those reddish plants are 'Intense Purple' amaranth...they are prolific reseeders...I don't mind though cos with those kind of reseeders I can just pluck where I don't want and sometimes it makes up for those that didn't come thru...If you (or anybody else) would like I can save some seeds...and the cosmos are Sensation Picotee, 1st time trying this particular one...but they are just beautiful colored flowers...


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Wonderful pics. The large photo exceptional. The fog and lighting.


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soooooo moody, GORgeous garden juanita!
one of these days i'm gonna have my own again
in the meantime, with my back against the wall, i'll just be sittin' there, in the 2nd photo...

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Truly wonderful pictures Juanita!
Your hard work in the garden is paying off!
Thanks for sharing this with us!

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I love the first one the most. The dew drops hanging from the cosmos (I LOVE cosmos), and the lighting is just perfect. You got a wonderful batch of photos. Wouldn't they be nice, framed and grouped together?

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The pictures are fabulous and I think Joan has an excellent idea. It would make a beautiful grouping.

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